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My State water heater is overheating 
My water suddenly got WAY too hot. I replaced both upper and lower thermostats on my State water heater, only to find that when I turned the breaker back …

Problem With State Hot Water Heater 
Hello. I am a State Water Heater customer. My home was built in beginning in June of 2004. On last week my water heater without warning began to gush out …

New State Premier Energy Efficient Power Direct Vent, Solar or Tankless State Water Heater? 
We are trying to decide on a tankless vs solar water heater w/electric not gas backup so we can use our solar electric and the New State Premier Energy …

My State Select hot water heater won't stay lit; is only 9 months old!  
I purchased a State water heater, model GS640YBRT 200 (last letter before the '200' might be a J rather than a T?) back on 11/2/10, to replace an older …

Gurgling noise 
How to fix the gurgling noise followed by the green stuff at the faucet aerators? I have a gas-powered tank-type water heater made by State Industries. …

State Heater, How to Relight Not rated yet
How to Relight. Set Temp to first O not to pilot. Hold Pilot down for at least 1 minute. Click Igniter button 7,8,9 times. As you turn the Knob …

STATE Select Water Heater-Drain Valve Gone Bad! Not rated yet
Two weeks ago, water from our "State" Select water heater was gushing out of its drain valve. The guts of the valve itself had disintegrated and water …

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