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Select electric residential models from State Industries

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State Select group offers a broad range of electrical hot water heaters for residential water heating, from the smallest point of use to the tall high efficiency units, and electric water heaters for special applications including solar boosters and table top models.

Finding the Best State Select Hot Water Heater

State Industries features six State Select electric water heater categories that are further consisted of variety models different in size:

  • High Efficiency water heaters

  • State Select Residential models

  • Table Top electric water heating appliances

  • Select Junior tank type electric units

  • Point of Use water heater

  • State Select Solar Booster Tanks

Common features for the above State hot water heater groups and its models are listed below:

  • Six year limited warranty on tank and component parts. Some Select models can be upgraded to the 10-year warranty. One year warranty on tank and three months on component parts applies on State Select Junior and point-of-use water heaters.

  • Aluminum anode rod is used for protection against corrosion.

  • Maximum working pressure is 150 psi.

  • PEXAN dip tube with diffuser is used to direct cold water to the bottom part of the tank and help in sediment build up reduction.

  • Installed T&P (temperature and pressure) relief valve is CSA certified and ASME rated.

  • Tamper-resistant brass drain valve.

  • Glass lined tank against rust and corrosion.

High Efficiency Models

state select hot water heater electric modelHigh efficiency State water heaters are designed as the energy efficient appliances with the EF or energy factor of 0.93. One of the reasons why this unit is with the high EF is its thick foam insulation and presence of the heat trap nipples. When compares to the EF from Premier electric water heaters, Select water heater foam is thinner, 2.5" thick and has lower insulation value R, 20.

High efficiency Select electric models are equipped with the standard heating elements with the wattage of 4,500 W and an option to use the maximum of up to 6,000 W. Its recovery rate is the same for all sizes and identical to the Premier electric models, 21 gallons for 90 F temperature rise.

There are four models available in this category, and they are designed as tall models, from 40-gallon to 80-gallon tank sizes and height of 61.5" max, while there is only one medium size high efficiency model, 49" in height, and with the 50-gallon capacity.

Model numbers for these high efficiency residential State water heaters are:

  • ES6 40 DOCT - 40 gallon capacity

  • ES6 52 DOCT - 50 gallon capacity

  • ES6 66 DOCT - 66 gallon capacity

  • ES6 80 DOCT - 80 gallon capacity

  • ES6 50 DOCS - 40 gallon capacity (medium size)

The highest first hour rating is found on the ES6 80 DOCT, 80-gallon model, and its peak demand output is 87 gallons per hour.

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Residential Models

State Select residential group of electric water heaters features the widest selection of electric appliances, grouped in three categories, based on the water heater height and diameter:

  • Tall Models

  • Short Models

  • Lowboy Model

What is common for these three group sizes are recovery rate of 21 gallons per hour with the temperature rise of 90 F, insulation value R is 16 except on Lowboy model ES6 40 DOLNS, 38-gallon water heater, which is R 12.

All the models provide 4.5 kW heating power with the standard heating element voltage of 240 VAC, while the maximum available wattage is 6 kW.

Select hot water heater tall models can be found in capacity range from 30-gallon to 119-gallon tank size, height from 46.5" to 64.25" and diameter from 18" to 28".

The smallest 30-gallon, ES6 30 DORT model provides the highest energy efficiency, EF, of 0.93, while the tallest ES6 120 DORT has EF only 0.81.

Select hot water heater short models are available in three sizes only; 30, 40 and 50-gallon capacity. ES6 30 DORS as the smallest unit has the highest EF, 0.93. The highest first hour rating is 60 gallons for the 50-gallon model ES6 50 DORS. These short models are in a height range from 36.5" to 48 " and from 20.5 " to 22" in diameter.

If none of the above Select hot water heater models are matching your specification, Lowboy models might be a solution for your water heating needs. The most popular tank sizes are still available; 30, 40 and 50 gallon capacity, with a height range from 30" to 34" and for the same capacity tanks are wider than on taller models (22, 23 and 26.5" in diameter).

Table Top Models

Select Table Top water heaters are designed to be used in the kitchen for example, and with its flat upper surface and height of 36" will provide an additional space as the countertop.

Its square shape, with the dimension of 36"x25"x21"(24") for HxDxW and tank sizes of 27 and 40 gallons is very convenient and practical to use for hot water preparation at the point of use.

Junior Models

If you require even smaller units for under-counter installations, State Industries produces small tank type electric water heaters, with the capacity range from 6 to 38 gallons, all of them with the recovery rate of 8 gallons for 90 F temperature rise.

All the models operate on 120 V with a standard 1650 W heating element wattage and maximum available voltage of 240 V, allowing them to provide more heating power. 240 V and two heating elements provide up to 6,000 W for ES6 30 SOMS K and ES6 40 SOMNS K (29 and 38-gallon) models. Other smaller models are using only one heating element and providing a maximum of 3,000 and 4,500 W.

These units are designed as the high performing electrical appliances for low demand applications.

Point of Use Models

Point of use electric water heaters are designed for applications where only a small volume of hot water is required. ES6 2 SSUS K model is still a tank type unit, with a capacity of 2.5 gallons. 120 V provides maximum of 1500 W of heating power, with the 7 gallon recovery rate for 90 F temperature rise.

Booster Tanks Models

State Select electric water heater can also be used to supplement the direct solar water heating system and is called Solar Booster. There are two electric booster tanks with 80 and 119-gallon capacities both equipped with 4500 W low-watt density copper heating element for a consistent hot water temperature.

Its 2" thick foam insulation allows these solar boosters to work as energy efficient units, and two aluminum anode rods for even better protection against corrosion.

As you can see from the above State hot water heater reviews, there is a huge list of available models, square, cylindrical, small point of use and Junior models, and for any home size, from small one bathroom homes to multiple bathroom houses.

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