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STATE Select Water Heater-Drain Valve Gone Bad!

by Tom

Two weeks ago, water from our "State" Select water heater was gushing out of its drain valve. The guts of the valve itself had disintegrated and water was flying out just as though the faucet had been turned on. It was a mess.

After a trip to the local hardware store and several hours of clean-up later I had a new drain valve installed.

But I have never been aware that a drain valve could disintegrate like that, especially since it has never been used. I am glad it didn't happen to our second tank located in the house, or if we had not been home. If that were the case, We would have had clean up and repairs costing in the tens of thousands of dollars with the wood floors we have.

One last thing. Of the two local repair facilities found on the "State" Website, the first was not available for at least a week and the second one never returned my phone message.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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