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Gas Water Heater Condensation 
I have an 8 year old gas hot water heater with a power vent and a condensate drain portal at the base of the vent pipe. The unit has worked fine with …

What to do to get a heater to vent properly 
Purchased a Reliance 30gal gas hot water 6/29/11. It would not vent properly and would overheat when burner turns on. We were told the chimney was blocked …

How long for 40 gal water heater to recover? 
Is the 40 gallon water heater using a natural gas enough for my family of four? Is recovery rate more important than the first hour rating?

High operating costs on my Rheem water heater 
I have a Rheem tank type water heater, 8 years old, that is expensive to use now. Water heater is located in my garage and the operating cost (energy consumption) …

How much can I save by insulating my hot water pipes? 
Is there any reason why should I put an additional insulation on my water heater and surrounding pipes? My water heater is located in the basement where …

Insulating a Water Heater in cold garage Not rated yet
I have a Bradford White gas water heater with the Energy Star logo on it. The sales guy told me that this unit can save some money on a long run and it …

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