Titan Water Heater Review

Review of Titan SCR2, SCR3, SCR4 and Laser models

A review of the popular Titan water heaters, tankless electric models that are manufactured by the American company, Niagara Industries, a company that produces the popular and best selling Titan SCR 2 model. Explore the benefits, advantages and main features of the large whole-house and small point-of-use electric heaters. See which models are recommended for colder and which for warm regions.

Titan water heaters are energy efficient and reliable electric appliances that utilize the latest and state-of-the-art technology that is in accordance to the results of company's collaboration with the NASA. These units are also small and compact, easy to install, service and maintain.

titan water heaterTitan SCR 2, Laser and Laser SH models, for example, are the new generation of electronic tankless water heaters that are implementing this advanced technology including the High Speed Electronic Integrated Circuitry.

Titan water heaters can be used for the variety of applications, residential and commercial, from small offices, also hotels, malls and large homes; providing on demand, endless hot water without annoying temperature fluctuation, and with the energy, money and space savings for the users.


  • All Titan water heaters meet UL and ANSI standards.

  • Niagara Industries electric tankless water heater manufacturer provides ten-year limited warranty on unit's casing and one year on component parts.

  • Titan tankless water heaters life expectancy is from 15 to 20 years.

  • No need for technicians to install these heaters, any licensed electrician is available to do it.

  • Dual Nichrome Elements are used for heating.

  • Titan unit is using Dual Microtemp Sensor with Manual Resettable Thermostat for protection.

  • Up to 99.5% energy efficiency.

  • 1/2" standard pipe fitting.

  • Titan water heater uses brass and copper material for interior components, metal and stainless steel for the casing.

  • Titan tankless unit requires pressure of min. 5 PSi and max. of 150 PSi.

  • Two indicators are available for visual inspection of unit's work, red when the unit is ON, and green for STAND-BY.


There are several categories of Titan water heaters you can choose from, all of them using the tank-less system to heat the water.

One of the latest electric and tankless water heaters is the Titan-SCR2 “Digital” that features the microprocessor to monitor the usage and automatically adjust its power, so you can enjoy the constant temperature. At the same time it optimizes itself so it can use less power, which means more savings for you.

Titan Digital is the highly advanced tankless water heater that uses a new TEMPLOGIC technology.

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Titan SCR3

titan electric water heater scr3Titan water heater SCR3 is the electric tankless unit with the great performance, efficiency and reliability.

SCR3 uses the latest technology called QUAD-4 and features an improved electronic proportional control system with the power modulation for energy saving heating.

The SCR3 is equipped with the display found at the front of the unit and it shows the real time usage, temperature, power and the efficiency.

It provides a better temperature control during any water flow, even on modern bathroom fixtures. The best results with a high efficiency and accuracy are obtained when the unit is operating on 208 V and with the modern flow. It also performs well when standard 220 V is used.

With only 9 pounds, and 7" W x 10" H x 3 D in size, it can be installed virtually anywhere. There are two power settings available for N-160 model; 12 kW when it operates on 208 V and 55 Amps, and 16 kW when it works on 220 V and 66 Amps. In both cases, Titan tankless water heater SCR3 provides a maximum of 4 gpm supplying enough hot water from medium to large size homes and apartments.

Titan SCR4

titan electric water heaters scr4 modelIf you need a water heater with more capacity or higher rise in temperature (if you live in colder northern US states) Titan SCR4 might be a solution for you, as it supplies up to 5 gpm.

SCR4 is a little heavier and larger that SCR3, it weighs 12-13 pounds and is 11,5” W x 10,5” H x 3 D in size.

Titan water heaters, SCR4, are available as N-180, N-210 and N-270 models, and by using 240V with 75, 88 and 112 Amps they provide 18, 21 and 27 kW of heating power - perfect for larger houses in colder areas. SCR4 is great for heating water in regions with the hard water, or water with a higher percentage of mineral deposits. Modulation is what brings savings, so when the voltage reduces, the heating power also drops. SCR4 models are also available in stainless steel casing which provides additional protection especially in the un-friendly environment.

Titan Instant Electronic Water Heater - Laser Models

titan tankless water heater laser modelTitan water heater Laser model is the energy efficient electric unit that utilize a shielded Incoloy heating element, a reliable and durable material, also very resistant to hard water and sediments.

It uses the Linear Electronic Temperature Control, the component that controls the temperature of the hot water and how to adjust the output temperature. With three models available it can cover from 0-8.5 kW of heating power, and is available for the export market only.

Niagara Industries designs and makes small, compact size Titan water heaters, perfect substitution for large tank type units, making them ideal for a wide range of residential and commercial applications, for instant water heating with an easy installation. The model size that is needed for a certain application depends on the required water flow.

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