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Underwhelming Heat

by Brian Coughlan
(Alingsås, Sweden)

Hi Zeljko!

I live in Southern Sweden, so we do have quite long winters and dark days, especially Dec - Jan.

I had terrible problems getting the solar system installed (the guy who sold it to me, just kind of dumped it on my doorstep), but finally the last bits were connected up at the end of October 2017. The vacuum tubes are Blutech and are supposed to attract UV and get some heating even when it's overcast. However, from Nov - Feb I saw very little evidence of this.

Right now, I get a fair bit of heat out of the system, however, I have solar cells too. The two systems are equivalent (in terms of KWh delivered, rated for 6000 watts) and I can see what the cells deliver and consistently the solar collectors deliver 40 - 70% of that when I calculate the energy required to heat X liters of water from Y degrees to Z degrees.

I guess my question is, was this oversold to me? Am I expecting more than such a system can reasonably deliver?



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