Fulfill Your Heating Needs with the Weil-McLain Gas Boilers from Ultra S3 CT series

Weil-McLain gas boilers that come from the Ultra Series 3 series offer an innovative design with the condensing technology, resulting in the ultra efficiency and great savings, reliability and ease of installation.

Why Weil-McLain Ultra Gas S3 CT

The increasing fuel costs that homeowners are faced to pay today has everyone looking for more economical, environmentally friendly and efficient heating sources. The Weil-McLain Ultra Gas S3 CT offers the advanced features and components such as the negative regulated gas valve ensuring optimum efficiency, variable speed motor to adjust combustion according to heating requirements, venturi mixing combining the right levels of gas and air for optimized efficiency, aluminum mono cast transferring heat ten times the rate of stainless steel, the corrosion-resistant and ultra quiet stainless steel high grade burner.

Every feature of the Weil-McLain gas boilers focus on providing maximum heating through utilizing minimum natural resources, while ensuring minimal NOx release of greenhouse gases.

How Weil-McLain Gas Boilers Work?

Weil McLain Gas Boiler Ultra S3 CT

The Ultra Gas S3 CT utilizes the advanced mono block heat exchanger made of aluminum that is proven to be more efficient than other conventional heat transfer materials.

Using the electronic sensor and a unique control system, primary functions of the boiler such as increasing and decreasing of firing rates modulation is made possible, which can be adjusted to the different temperatures in and out of the house.

Also the smart ultra senses system in Weil McLain gas boilers allows them to adjust their temperatures automatically according to the heating needs unlike several other systems that are restricted merely to a single preset temperature.

These technologies not only allow these models to offer premium efficiency in the residential water heating, but also offer greater efficiency of fuel while saving the internal parts of the boiler from frequent wear and tear.

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Other Prominent Features of Weil-McLain Ultra Gas S3 CT

Besides the efficient heating and fuel consumption figures that the Weil-McLain boiler range offers, other features that are offered include a user friendly backlit LCD display screen which makes the information back and forth process easier for the user. The current status of the boiler can be easily viewed by users along with the water and outdoor temperatures.

Weil-McLain ultra gas boiler is also well known for the endless supply of hot water that can be used for the different chores around the house. Along with this heating perfection comes the guarantee and authenticity of Weil-McLain gas boilers that offer long term protection of every boiler as each is uniquely hydrostatically tested according to the ASME standards.


The boilers are available in 6 different models in different AGA inputs and diverse heating capacities. Also, all these models offer different levels of fuel utilization efficiency on an annual basis.

The Weil-McLain gas boilers offer optional equipment with the standard equipment package as well including a wall mounting kit, concentric Vent kit, LWCO with test button and harness and indirect fired water heaters.

The Ultimate Choice

Heating requirements are the biggest concern of any homeowner today, not only in terms of which model and type of heating source to choose, but also in terms of fuel efficiency leading to lower costs. Weil-McLain gas boilers offer optimal heating and fuel cost efficiency for multiple temperatures backed by a seamless multiple boiler control system quick enough to preset, matching any application.

As it can be seen from the advanced features Weil-McLain offers the ultimate heating choice of any homeowner today.

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