Try the Condensing Technology with the Weil-McLain WM97

A review of the Weil-McLain WM97 gas boiler and how its condensing technology and advanced features can save you money and protect the environment.

Heating arrangements matter a lot in homes, especially where families or small children reside. The increasing cost of fuels and the emerging environmental problems have paved way for options that are more environmentally friendly and efficient to cater to the endless need of hot water in homes. One such option is offered by Weil-McLain gas boilers that offer efficiency wrapped with style and effective design.

Advanced Features

Weil McLain Gas Boiler WM 97

Weil McLain offers hydrostatically tested gas boilers with a quality warranty and 24 hour unparalleled field and technical support. Offering the same level of efficiencies is the Weil-McLain WM97 gas boiler utilizing gas sealed combustion for safe work and the option to choose one of the three models, made in 70,000, 110,000 and 155,000 BTUH range.

The Weil-McLain WM97 come with several built in features including low water cutoff and boiler circulator and both primary and secondary piping options. Also separate units with a built in expansion tank are available to choose from. The model also offers an option of switching to hot water domestic priority with the 3 Zone circulator control. All Weil-McLain gas boilers surpass the Energy Star requirements and emit levels are much lesser compared to several other boilers.

Save Time, Energy and Money

The Weil-McLain WM97 offers piping systems of both primary and secondary levels that can be selected with the system circulator, saving time and cost. The indirect fired water heater connections, low water cutoff and the special models with expansion tanks built in them, are additional contributors to the model’s efficiency and reliable operation. Installation is bliss with this model and the three input thermostat and the circular output diminishes the need of priority control relays, thus saving additional cost as well.

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Easy to Use

The large 3.5 inch LCD display allows easy user interface making navigation and programming easy on the simple layout, which allows customizable settings for hot water modes and central heating. Installation of the WM97 model, offers multiple venting options, providing ample flexibility with the sidewall direct and through the roof direct vent options.

Easy Maintenance

All the parts of the Weil-McLain WM97 are easily serviced and to facilitate quick maintenance the model comes with the option of using a single speed common circulator that will serve quick replacement. The jacket assembly is made available with a completely removable cover, with an on/off switch, mounting bracket and sidewall/air termination kit.

The main feature that offers efficiency in terms of fuel and cost is the WM97’s stainless steel, hard-wearing fire tube heat exchanger that is designed specifically with low pressure drop.


The Weil-McLain WM97 offers an input MBH ranging from 65 to 143. The water content of the boiler is available in 2.8 and 3.4 gallons. Additional equipment also made available with the gas boiler is the condensate Neutralizer kit and the concentric vent that can be purchased with the model.


All these different heating techniques and technologies are centered towards offering efficiency to homeowners along with serving the environment with energy competent solutions to meet the daily needs and requirements of families. Weil-McLain gas boilers are designed to fulfill maximum hot water needs of families keeping all environmental and budget criteria in mind at all phases.

Weil-McLain WM97 with its three distinct models offers utility for every type of hot water home needs. The smart heating system delivers instant hot water, consuming little natural resources and relaxing on your pocket and the environment as well through lower emission. Weil-McLain has again following its 130 year old history provided a gas boiler that is exemplary and a bright option to choose in any home.

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