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Weiwella? aka Paloma ph 25r

by John McCready
(Langley B.C. Canada)

Sadly we did not get our new heater at the cabin completely drained.The cold water inlet that crosses over then 45 degeers into the hot burst at the first ninety.It is difficult if not impossible to get plumbers to this remote area.The pipe itself due to fabrication is not quite .500 i.d. copper.In a failed effort at repair Icut the pipe on the cold water side of the split.

Then installed pex in place of the copper back past the 45 degree point.The water heater was then tested for leaks under pressure. No leaks. It had been shut down electrically all winter.

When power was reapplied all functions began normally (120 degree water at remote,unit pump spinning at speed).Then sudden shut down with L.E.D. on p.c.board blinking four times repetitively. Remote unit shows code 14. This does not clear with shut down or re-cycle of power.Is it possible to repair or am I done at this point? Unit is still in place at cabin.

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