Whirlpool water heater gas

Water heater pilot light goes out after being lit and burner comes on and brings water temp up. When burner kicks off the pilot goes out as well. But if while burner is on you can turn knob to vacation and burner kicks off and pilot stays lit.

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Mar 30, 2011
Hot Water Flame will light, but goes out after it is heated
by: Anonymous

My hotwater tank is under 5 years old and has only been used under 4 years because the house had to be renovated. Somewhere my won found a picture about the heater and showed a brush being used to clean underneath. The plumber has asked if we cleaned it and I told him that my son swept it out underneath.

He is going to try a regulator for the gas in order to keep it heating the water. Right now, it will heat up the tank and shuts off, but will not come back on without you starting it again.

Jan 20, 2011
gas water heaters have changed
by: Anonymous

need more information. how old? by what you are telling me you have a bad gas control valve or your flame arrestor is dirty . try cleaning the flame arrestor first. if you have one. it needs to be kept clean anyway.


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