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AO Smith Electric 50 gallon Short

by Keith

Today I bought an AO Smith electric water heater from Lowes. It’s a 50 gallon short. I hooked up the water, then the wires. When I turned the breaker on, the wires began making a sizzling sound and smoking. I immediately shut the breaker off. Upon inspection, I saw water in the electrical box on top of the water heater. I took the “trough” shaped electrical box off to look deeper inside and found the entire electrical area and insulation completely full of water. Apparently, when I filled the tank, there was some kind of defect inside which filled the insulation area and electrical system with water as well. It’s a darn good thing I did not touch the tank or that my wife did not touch a faucet in the house. Potentially the entire plumbing system may have been electrified at that point. I'm returning it first thing and demanding a full refund and switching to another brand. Not taking the risk of electrocution in the shower.

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