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US Craftmaster gas water heater

Review of the US Craftmaster water heaters, covering electric, gas, tank and tankless type. Check out the best models, models with the maximum energy savings and top features.

US Craftmaster, a division of the American water heating company, is owned by A.O. Smith, one of the biggest manufacturers of water heaters in North America. The company offers a variety of water heaters for potable water heating, also pumps, expansion tanks, portable and hydronic tanks. Its products are sold through the chain stores such as Sears and Lowe's but can be found online too.

US Craftmaster gas models and the best of

US Craftmaster water heaters can use natural or propane gas and are designed either as the tank-type or tankless, utilizing all four venting installation options; atmospheric, direct vent, power vent, and power-direct vent.

The tank-type is further divided into the Gas Hybrid, Flame Guard, and PowerFlex series, also Self-Cleaning, Ultra Low NOx, and models for the mobile housing (manufactured homes).

The best and top recommended models to consider are high-efficiency tank-type and tankless water heaters.

The High-Efficiency line of heaters utilizes the advanced technology that allows pressurized combustion, easy temperature adjustment and control via LCD and touch button controls so as the problem diagnostics. And this is not all; patented air intake system, powered anode, Sta-Kleen dip tube system and 12-year warranty are making this type a favorable selection.

Every tankless water heater from US Craftmaster comes with the Energy Star compliance and high energy efficiency. The best models are condensing due to its ultra-high energy factor, high water flow rate, lower annual operating costs, and great performance. These models utilize the commercial-grade components such as the stainless steel heat exchanger and top features such as the hydronic heating capability, direct vent conversion kit, and 12-year limited warranty.

US Craftmaster electric models and the best of

The US Craftmaster water heaters are also powered by the electricity and are found in three groups; heat pumps, standard type, and Energy Smart group.

The best electric models are those that can provide high efficient water heating, utilize the advanced technology, are durable and made of the quality materials.

These include heat pumps, which are found as 50-gal and 80-gal units, both with the high efficiency, first-hour rating, and great features such as the non-sacrificial powered anode, easy-to-use display, Smart Grid application.... all working for higher savings, better comfort and plenty of hot water.

Energy Smart is another group of recommended water heaters due to the great features such as the LCD display with the operating mode selector and diagnostic system, durable stainless heating elements and other.

The best models have the warranty of 10 years for the heat pumps and 12 years on Energy Smart models.

No matter which type you prefer, look for the model that fits your needs the best; budget-friendly model, high efficient for energy savings, high recovery for larger families, electric heat pumps for Energy Star approval, small gas tankless models for on-demand water heating, models with the long warranty, heaters with the advanced features and so on.

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