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Review of the best Takagi water heaters. See how advanced design and cutting-edge technology can save money and energy and deliver reliable and worry-free water heating. Takagi, as the first tankless unit that entered the North American market, offers a good selection of heaters for residential use, such as the popular T-K4, T-KJr, T-H3, and other models. Review the top features and best models to buy for the home use.

Takagi water heaters - Buying tips

Takagi water heaterTakagi water heater

Takagi water heater manufacturer offers the variety of gas-fired tankless models for residential and commercial applications; from low demand applications like small offices, apartments or condos to large homes with multiple baths. There are two main groups; non-condensing models with the lower efficiency and cost and condensing, with the superior energy efficiency but higher price.

Check one of the models from below and buy a water heater with the high water flow, energy efficiency and quality elements such as the affordable T-KJr or most advanced T-H3.

Top selling models

Where to buy Takagi?

Here is the list of the best selling Takagi tankless water heaters, found online, that include some great features and many positive reviews:

The price range of Takagi water heaters is between $600 and $2300, while the installation cost varies.

 Advantages and benefits

Takagi water heater is an ideal solution for the homeowners looking for the efficient, reliable and versatile unit; from heating potable water and space heating to the recirculation systems. From the smallest model T-KJr to the largest T-M50 you will find models that, have high energy efficiency, are environment-friendly or "green", use less energy, meet or exceed the Low NOx standards SCAQMD and preserve the natural resources by using 95% recyclable materials.

Takagi water heater like other tankless appliances provides on-demand and an endless supply of hot water, and with the sophisticated features allows the steady flow of hot water with less fluctuation. All units use different features to protect the unit, like flame sensor, air control, hi-limit switch, thermistors, overheat sensor and multiple ceramic heaters to prevent the unit from freezing when the surrounding temperature drops too low.

Takagi uses the small computer for the proper unit operation, maximize the efficiency and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. This computer monitors and adjusts the air/fuel ratio and therefore, the quality of the gas combustion. The LED error code is used for troubleshooting.

Takagi manufacturer is the only manufacturer that offers Direct Vent convertible units.

Best advanced models to buy

The best Takagi water heater T-H3-DV is the ultra-efficient and Energy Star unit that utilize tankless and condensing technology, strong and reliable elements such as heat exchangers, made of the durable stainless steel and commercial grade copper alloy. An innovative design makes it ideal for home recirculation and high volume applications, also commercial sites due to the NSF Certified Food Equipment certification and ability to achieve high 185 F temperature.

Takagi T-H3 unit is the best to buy as it comes with the highest power output of 199,000 Btu, high energy factor of 0.95 and water flow of 10 GPM, making it great for 4-5 bath homes, or even more demanding applications by using the Easy-Link and Multi-Link feature.

Top affordable models to buy

T-KJr2 and T-KJr2U are the smallest tankless water heaters from Takagi that are designed for light residential applications such as the small home, apartment or condo and used for 1-2 applications.

Takagi T-KJr models are designed with an indoor, direct vent or outdoor configuration, to operate as a single unit that can meet ultra-low NOx gas emission standard, making it great for environmentally conscious users.

T-D2/U is another group of standard tankless and ultra-low NOx models, suitable for heavier residential usage and light commercial applications. What makes the T-D2 water heaters different from other models is the built-in pump control port that ensures the efficient hot water transfer via the circulation pump.

T-D2 series has a capability to expand its power by using the Easy-Link system while the T-D2U series can also be used in the multi-unit system.

These are some of the features that are making T-D2 the best affordable model to buy.

Model selection and reviews

About Takagi Company

Takagi Industrial Co. is the reputable manufacturer from Japan that designs and manufactures tankless water heaters from 1952. Since then Takagi manufacturer has been constantly introducing amazing features and models; including the automatic gas control valve system, computer modulating gas valve and safety system, "direct vent convertible" heater, a unique safety device that utilizes the air-fuel ratio rod, amazing 95% thermal efficiency rating (T-H1 model), T-M1 as the first multi-gas water heater system for the industrial applications, and much more.

Today, Takagi water heater manufacturer has offices in Japan, US and Canada and to buy one of the Takagi models you have to contact the exclusive dealers or buy online.


Every Takagi water heater used in residential applications has a warranty of 15 years on the heat exchanger and five years on all other parts. Warranty on commercial use is only 10 years. 

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