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AO Smith Electric 50 gallon Short

Today I bought an AO Smith electric water heater from Lowes. It’s a 50 gallon short. I hooked up the water, then the wires. When I turned the breaker on,

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GE Water Heaters No Quality

My 10-year-old gas water heater started leaking water on top. This was due to no type of sealant used at the factory on the inlet, outlet, and rod threads.

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Water Heater is not Heating | What to Do

What to do if your water heater is not heating. Repair tips. Common problems and troubleshooting checklist including pilot light malfunction, faulty heating elements and thermostats.

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Reliance warranty worthless

My Reliance water heater with a 12-year warranty broke down after 4 years. I called them and they gave me Return Authorization and said that many stores

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A. O. Smith warranty "gotcha"

Your A. O. Smith's 9-year-warranty water heater may in reality have nothing more than a 1-year warranty. The first paragraph of the warranty document

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How to Protect a Water Heater from Corrosion and Rust

Learn how to protect your water heater from corrosion and potential tank rupture and leaking. See what you can do about the rust problems.

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Gas tankless won't supply hot water to washer

My gas tankless water heater does not work properly with the high efficiency, energy saving washers because of the way they mix the water while filling.

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How to Prevent Water Damage and Avoid Costly Repairs

What causes water damage? Water damages in some regions are frequent problems, and while some are inevitable due to tornados and heavy rains, others can be prevented.

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Tankless Water Heaters vs. Tank | Which Type is Better

Compare tankless water heaters vs. tank type and find the main differences, advantages, disadvantages, and benefits to find the best water heater for your home.

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Tankless Maintenance Guide – Instructions and Tips

Why is tankless maintenance so important? Can it really extend the life of a tankless water heater, increase efficiency, boost the performance, and reduce common problems?

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