black deposits coming from the water heater

by Steve
(westminster, md)

I have the second GE electric water heater with a 12-year warranty. I purchased the first one in 2004 and it was replaced under warranty after 8 years. I now have the same issue after 7 years with the second water heater. When you run a bath you will get small black particles coming into the tub. Sometimes they are almost like hard rubber and leave a tar-like substance that will stain your fingers if you rub them in between your fingers. I also had to replace a flexible faucet hose in my utility sink because it was plugged with black deposits. I am going to flush the tank but this was the best water heater I could find and now a second tank is doing the same thing. Model # ES50R123-45D
I understand that this heater is manufactured by US / Craftmaster in TN.

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