Bosch 250SX NG water heater is a piece of Junk

by Paul Geer
(Belmont, MI 49306 USA)

My wife and I had chosen Bosch 250 SX tankless water 5 years ago. We had it installed by a professional service. Man, was that mistake as soon as the warranty wore off the water heater started to act up. We had gone down and reset it when we needed hot water most of the time. We had a plumbing service to repair it after several calls to Bosch helpline, their comment was like we never heard of such a problem. They replaced the "board" on the heater. The same problem continued. After spending more on service calls than the $900 we bought the Bosch 250 SX for. Put us in a position we could not afford to replace the 250 SX. Now we have to go downstairs to turn it on and off to get water. The manual reset is not effective in a reset to produce hot water.
Now that we are in a position to purchase a new water heater. It will not be a Bosch product that will be for sure.

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