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A Bosch heat pump, known as Compress 3000, is the most advanced and ultra-efficient tank-type electric water heater from this German manufacturer. It can produce hot water with high energy savings and no pollution.

As the heat pumps from other manufacturers, Compress 3000 is also high-efficient and Energy Star approved unit that is recommended for homes with the high hot water demand.

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There is only one model available, HP200-1, and it comes with the popular capacity of 50 gallons, providing a sufficient amount of hot water for the larger families. When it compares to the conventional electric type, the unit footprint is similar (dimensions are 22.4” x 64.5”), connections are the same (water connections are ¾” NPT), but the heat pump is twice as effective, so even with the higher initial price the estimated payback is approximately 4-5 years.

Control panel

Bosch heat pump HP200-1Bosch heat pump HP200-1

The Bosch heat pump HP-200-1 utilizes many great features; the control panel is connected to the innovative electronics that allows better control of the heating process and easy adjustment and regulation.

The first thing you will see on the control panel is the LCD display that shows not only the temperature of hot water but error or protection codes, operating modes, status or inquires about component’s parameters. The temperature can be adjusted very easily by pressing the up (increasing) or down (decreasing) arrow. If the temperature is above 120 F, the icon on display will be illuminated.

The diagnostic function and the error codes help in troubleshooting problems and repairs. The LCD display also shows the following features; peak load shifting mode, which appears only when used in conjunction with a Demand Response module, an alarm icon, water temperature mode icon and other.

Operating modes

Bosch heat pump HP200-1 has four operating modes that can be changed by pressing the button on the control panel; Economic, Auto, Electric and Vacation mode. When the unit works in one of the modes, the corresponding mode icon on display illuminates.

When the water heater runs in the Economic mode, only the heat pump is activated, and water is heated by using only the ambient air. As the system does not utilize the heating elements, it takes longer to heat water, but it provides excellent energy savings. This is the most energy efficient mode.

Auto mode uses both technologies for water heating; the primary source is the heat pump, while electric heating elements are used for supplemental heating when there is high hot water demand. The Auto mode is the default mode and is recommended setting for the heat pump.

Electric mode uses only heating elements, so the unit operates as the standard electric water heater. When the temperature of the surrounding air is low, the heat pump is OFF, so the unit has to rely only on two 4 kW heating elements, which make this mode the least energy-efficient mode.

Vacation mode is used during the vacation time and extended absence, so when the water temperature drops down to 50 F, it activates the safety system to protect the unit from freezing. Depending on the length of your absence use the icon on the LCD display of the control panel to set the number of days you need for the vacation mode to be active.

The highest First Hour Rating is in the Auto mode, 56 gallons per hour and has the highest current draw too (21.6 A). The water heater must be connected to 240 VAC with at least 10 AWG copper wire, dedicated branch circuit with 25-amp breaker and proper ground connection.


Bosch heat pump HP200-1 features several safety components; TCO, defrost, TPR valve and other.

With the two temperature limit controls (TCO) the water heater is protected from the excessively high temperature, which is 165 F and over, by interrupting the power to the heating element. These elements are in contact with the tank surface and are located above the upper heating element.

Another protective mechanism includes the defrosting system, a system that shuts down the water heater in a case of the low surrounding temperatures. The optimal temperature of the surrounding air is from 45 to 115 F in the Economy and Auto mode or -5 to 130 F in the Electric mode.

The water heater is equipped with the temperature and pressure relief valve for protection against high water pressure and temperature (150 PSI and 210 F).

The Bosch heat pump is equipped with the sacrificial anode rod which needs to be checked and serviced if required, as it deteriorates over time.


As said before, the Bosch heat pump uses the warm room air to extract the heat from, and at the same time cooling and dehumidifying the area, saving you money on air conditioning. If the cool air is not needed in the room of the unit location, it can be diverted outdoors by using the vents from the top of the unit.

The best installation spots are utility and recreational rooms, where the colder air is needed, also an attic, basement, garage or mechanical room with the furnace. Another thing to consider for the location is the noise level of the unit as it uses the fan and compressor. The noise level per specs is around 48 dB.

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