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Bought GE Water Heater from Home Depot

by Virginia Turland
(Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

We purchased a GE Water Heater from Home Depot in Winnipeg The Model Number is SG40S12CVJ
The Serial Number is 0810510906

The Manual has no mention of GE but rather Rheem Canada Ltd. The manual says to fill out and return the consumer Product Registration Card that is in the back of the manual. There is no such page... how can I register this water heater ?

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Jan 17, 2019
BS Plan from Home depot
by: Jim WAnonymous

Purchased a GE water heater in 2005 with lifetime service, tank or replacement warranty. 6 years later the bottom fell out of it. And It was replaced after much too do. Now we are here 7 years later with the same issue and Home Depot will not honor the warranty. The minions say the lifetime is not lifetime....even the wording on the invoice says and I quote (this will be the last hot water tank you will ever buy) Is that because they expect you to die before the tank wears out?

Apr 26, 2018
Hot Water Heater
by: Anonymous

I have a 30 gallon GE hot water heater very difficult time getting anyone that I could talk to. After many attempts with the 800 number, I went to the store. They were put on hold finally I spoke with someone from GE they gave me another 800 number.So I went home opened a cold one called 800-952-5030 after two prompts a woman answered and ask for the Ser number she asked for a description than claimed it junk gave me a ref number and I got a new one.

Very Happy with the end results.

Oct 04, 2013
dont be fooled
by: jeff karperien

bought two 40 gln hot water tanks in 2007. one lasted a little over a year the other started leaking after 3 years. salvged parts twice off the first tank to keep the other working to date. now having trouble again. real junk.

Mar 31, 2013
GE Hybrid Service problem
by: Anonymous

GE Hybrid Electric Water Heaters (March 30, 2013)

Apparently the new GE Hybrid water heater has a real service problem.

I was told by the GE service center supervisor, that in order for the high efficiency portion of the heater to be serviced, the technician needs get behind the water heater. Almost impossible when the heater is installed in a closet or even up against a wall.

Note neither the marketing information or the installation instructions documented this. I was told that even though the heater is still under the GE warranty, I would have to pay a plumber to uninstall the heater and put it in the middle of the room in order for the technician to have full access to the rear of the unit, before they would honor the warranty. After the repair pay the plumber for another visit to reinstall the heater. I paid $1,730.92 for this “high efficacy” heater. When normal heater would have cost around $450 and now the high efficiency portion will not work unless I pay an additional unknown hundreds of dollars for two plumber visits. What good is the GE warranty, plus I wasted $1,280.92.

Signed: Unhappy GE customer.

Sep 23, 2011
3 yr. old Rheem water heater replaced
by: Jean Laughlin

My 3 yr. old 40 gal. Rheem water heater had to be replaced & neither Home Depot (seller) nor General Electric (distributer) could not tell me why. This is a totally unacceptable business practice. Home Depot of course replaced the item, since it was under a 9 yr. guarantee for parts, BUT NOT FOR SERVICE (removing old heater & installing new heater) which is very expensive.

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