Dry run, defective heating element or thermostat?

by Janine

My sister had a brand new water heater installed and it didn't Work. In fact, it blew a fuse when it was started up. We replaced the top element and the top thermostat after seeing your website. It is working now but we want to know what caused the problem. It could have been a dry run or maybe the top element or thermostat was defective. The top element that we removed was so brittle it broke apart upon extraction. Some of the pieces fell inside the water tank. The copper on the old element is bubbled up on the outside. Can you tell whether it was dry run or whether it was a power surge possibly caused by a defective thermostat or element just by looking at pictures? I can send pictures to your email address since I couldn’t get them to attach here. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

And, Thank you for your informative website!

Kindest regards,
Janine Williams

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