Gas tankless won't supply hot water to washer

My gas tankless water heater does not work properly with the high efficiency, energy saving washers because of the way they mix the water while filling. If the temperature is set to warm or hot, it doesn't cause the burner to stay fired up long enough to deliver the hot water. So, I'm considering installing an electric point of use water heater inline with my gas tankless & my washer if I can find someone who's had experience in doing that. I have also been reading about the electric tankless water heaters. Would it be possible to use a small one inline with my gas tankless & washer or would I be defeating my purpose? What I'm trying to achieve is to have hot water at my washer so it will fill with the desired water temperature without the burner on my gas tankless continully firing up & shutting off before it can deliver hot water to the washer. I'm exploring my options & any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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