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My Braford White electric water heater is not producing hot water only mildly warm

by john
(vineland, nj)

Yesterday i had no hot water so i pushed the reset button and it worked. Then, today i lacked hot water again so i pushed the reset button once again and nothing happened, however the water is not completely cold it is mildly lukewarm.

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Mar 24, 2021
Bradford white 50 gal elec wh lower element not heating
by: Judy

I have recently purchased a Bradford White 50 gal electric water heater and had it installed by a licensed plumber from a plumbing and heating company. The lower element will not heat the water. When I have released water into a bucket from the bottom of the water heater tank a thermometer reads 75 degrees and I run out of hot water with one bath. The water from the hot water tap is 125 degrees measured on a thermometer. The plumbing and heating company sent a tech to my house who stated that the elements are getting power, the thermostat reading was good and there is nothing wrong with the water heater, yet he refused to check the lower water temp in the tank which was 75 degrees before he arrived to my home. The tech stated that there is something wrong with me or in my house but couldn't tell me what I should check. He left and I cannot get the plumbing and heating company to call me back. The distributor for the Bradford White water heater called me and said my water heater is working and the issue must be me. The distributor has never been to my home to check the water heater. So am I stuck with a new water heater that doesn't work? Can anyone provide a solution or what I should have checked? Thx.

Mar 19, 2021
Not happy
by: Anonymous

Mine is only 3 years old, first breaker tripped, reset, now no hot water. The first one was a cowboy, lasted 20 years. I'm not impressed with this brand. I'm not happy

Mar 16, 2021
by: Anonymous

Haven’t had it diagnosed yet, but the same issue after only 1.5 years, agree with the previous comment about they are only good for contractors...

Oct 29, 2010
Troubleshooting Bradford White electric water heater
by: Mike

According to what you have described, you might have only one heating element working. I am guessing that the lower heating element died or is not receiving the proper voltage from the thermostat. Check both elements and thermostats with the multi-meter, do they receive the power or are they operational.

Another reason might be the sediment and lime scale buildup. This is happening because our water is most of the time hard water. Either call a plumber or if you know how to take the heating elements out clean it. Use the vinegar or special products for cleaning the lime.

The water heater dip tube might be broken. It is designed to send the cold water to the bottom of the tank, but if it is broken it mixes the cold water with hot water at the top, lowering the outgoing "hot" to lukewarm water.

Bradford White is among the best water heaters, according to my experience, so there is no reason to blame the manufacturer. All these elements are subjected to failure and have to be replaced.

Hope it helped.

Oct 19, 2010
Not surprised about warm water
by: Anonymous

I think these heaters are only good for the contractors not the clients. I'm seeing too many bad reviews. I had to keep turning the hot water handle at the kitchen sink today to keep hot water flowing.

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