Rheem Hot Water Heater New -Defective No Product Quality

by Kelle
(Mount Juliet, TN)

I purchased this Rheem Electric Hot heater brand new from a large home improvement store. The water heater came with a bad heating element. My service person tested the unit with his meter and was able to tell immediately that the heating element had no OHMNs which meant the heating element was not working.

I then found out that Rheem's standard policy is they will not replace a new defective unit however they would send me the part and then I could have my service man fix the brand new unit. I was also informed they have no customer service department. In my opinion Rheem obviously has no concerns for product quality or customer satisfaction. I will never personally buy another Rheem product.

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Sep 29, 2021
Defective hot water heater
by: Sharon

I hope you are reading this before you purchase a Rheem hot water heater. Exactly one year and one month ago, I purchased one that is no longer working. The pilot light will not stay lit. I paid $159 for someone to come out and look at it. He advised that I likely have a faulty thermocouple. He said Rheem will replace the part for free, but I'm on my own for another $275 to have it replaced. This is ridiculous! I am reporting this company to the Consumer Product Safety Administration (and whoever else will listen) in hope that there is eventually a class action suit.

Aug 31, 2021
Useless warranty
by: Anonymous

The control panel was defective (purchased hot water heater March 2020 and it broke August 2021). The plumber said he's had five units with this issue. As others stated, the warranty covers a new part but not the labor! So, $338 labor charge later we have a working heater. This is not the type of warranty I'd ever expect for a defective part. Labor charges should be included under the warranty and covered by Rheem!

Apr 09, 2021
Defective Product/Awful Customer Service
by: Mike R

Am experiencing a "double whammy!" A new water heater is not working. The distributor says it isn't big enough. Prior product in place for 8 years and never an issue. This won't even fill a bathtub.

After the distributor/contractor blew us off I filled out a form on Rheem's website asking for help on the issue. Got an email back saying they would be in touch. NOT! Then contacted Chris Peel, Rheem's President by overnight letter letting him know of the problem and my dissatisfaction. That was over a week ago and still no word. Problem 1 - defective product! Problem 2 - They don't give a hoot!!

Jan 20, 2018
Agree - comment about Rheem
by: Anonymous

I found out the hard way that Rheem is not the company they used to be, our family had almost 60 years of Rheem water heaters, but the last one was defective out of the box, fixed that, then the tank failed after just 25 months. And like everyone else has found out, Rheem doesn't honor their warranties.

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