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Tankless water heater price is one of the major factors when searching and selecting the right on demand hot water heating system. Browsing and comparing all the websites and finding the costs of available tankless water heaters is truly time consuming. We've been there.

Buying a tankless water heater is serious investment, so you have to be very careful in your search. We are talking about investment of few thousand dollars if you are buying a new water heating system or cheaper if doing small home improvements and simply replacing the old unit.

This is why this article exists, to save you time and money finding you the best heating unit, maybe the cheapest, and price comparison.

Are Rheem tankless water heaters the best on the market, or maybe AO Smith? German technology is well known, so Bosch must be the top as Mercedes. Toyota has superb quality, therefore Japanese gas appliances are good as well; like Noritz, Rinnai, Takagi.

Bottom line; you want this tankless water heater to last, at least 15 years, meaning good quality, you want continuous hot water supply, you don't want to deal with hot heating problems, troubleshooting, service, replacement parts, you want it to work... and you just need hot water!

When talking about tankless water heater cost, first you have to know what and where you can and cannot install. We highly recommend you to become familiar with these requirements; you can find them on this site, and after being familiar with tankless hot water heaters in general you can come back here for price comparison.

Some of these requirements are; the size of your house and the household. That will give you the capacity of your tankless water heater you need (GPM), or how much power, BTU.

Next, is the heater energy efficient and types? As mentioned before high efficiency saves energy and money. After that, are you planning to installed indoor or outdoor, direct vent, sealed combustion or indirect powered.

energy starAnother important factor is the fuel source; gas tankless or electrical, and EF factor, which will determine are you eligible for tax credit and rebates (EF has to be 0.87 or higher for stand-alone or 0.67 or over for tankless).

Heaters with the tag Energy Star (blue label) are the most energy efficient tankless hot water heaters.


Rheem RTG2-42PVN, power vent, natural gas, indoor use, 1 bathroom, Energy Factor EF 0.83, 21.500-118.000 BTU,

price: around $570

Rheem tankless heater RTG-53XN, outdoor use, natural gas, 1-2 bathrooms, Energy Factor EF 0.82, 19.000-141.000 BTU,

price: around $670

Rheem RTG-66DVN whole house, direct vent, indoor use, 2-3 bathrooms, EF 0.82, 11.000-180.000 BTU,

price: around $840

Rheem RTG-74PVN, indoor use, natural gas, up to 3 bathrooms,

EF 0.82, 19.000-199.900 BTU,

price: around $1150

Rheem tankless heater RTG-74XN, outdoor use, for three bathrooms, EF 0.82, 19.000-199.900 BTU,

price: around $1130


AquaStar point-of-use, 1000P-NG, natural gas, for small volume use (cottages, camps), EF 0.64, 30.35-74.900 BTU,

price: around $350

AquaStar 1600H-NG model, 4.3 GPM, EF 0.80, 30.735-117.000 BTU,

price: around $650

AquaStar tankless water heater, 2400ES-NG, natural gas, direct vent, 2 showers, EF 0.82, 19.9000-175.000 BTU,

price: around $1050

AquaStar 2700ES-NG, natural gas, direct vent, 2-3 applications, EF 0.82, 19.900-199.000 BTU,

price: around $1150

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Noritz N-0531S, residential tankless water heater, propane, power vented, 1-2 showers, EF 0.84, 20.000-140.000 BTU,

price: around $700

Noritz N-0631S, natural gas tankless heater, 2-3 showers, EF 0.83, 25.000-180.000 BTU,

price: around $900

Noritz N-0751M-NG tankless heater, up to 4 showers, power vented, EF 0.83, 12.000-199.900 BTU,

price: around $1120

Noritz outdoor 0931M, natural gas tankless water heater, power vented, 4+ showers, 11.000-250.000 BTU,

price: around $1900


Rinnai R50LSi 5.0 GPM, natural gas, indoor, direct vent, 2 applications, EF 0.82, 15.000-150.000 BTU,

price: around $700

Rinnai R63LSe tankless water heater, 6.3 GMP, 2-3 bathrooms, outdoor, EF 0.81, 19.000-150.000 BTU,

price: around $700

Rinnai R75LSi 7.5 GPM, direct vent, natural gas/LP, indoor, 2-3 bathrooms

EF 0.82, 15.000-180.000 BTU,

price: around $1000

Rinnai R94LSi natural gas, indoor use, direct vent, up to 5 applications, EF 0.82, 15.000-199.000 BTU,

price: around $1400


Takagi tankless water heater Flash T-KJr, indoor, 2 applications, natural gas, EF 0.82, 19.500-140.000 BTU,

price: around $600

Takagi Flash T-K3-OS, outdoor, 7 GMP, EF 0.82, 11.000-190.000 BTU,

price: around $800

Takagi Flash T-H1, condensing, 6.1 GPM, indoor/outdoor, 3 applications, EF 0.92, 15.000-199.000 BTU,

price: around $2400


Paloma PH28RIFS, whole house tankless water heater, indoor, two bathrooms, EF 0.82, 19.000-199.900 BTU,

price: around $950

Paloma PH20RDVS, residential, direct vent, indoor, two bathrooms, EF 0.82, 21.600-145.000 BTU,

price: around $700

Paloma PH28ROF, residential outdoor tankless water heater, three bathrooms, EF 0.82, 19.000-199.900 BTU,

price: around $920


Bosch PowerStar AE-7.2 point-of-use electrical tankless water heater, 1 application, 99 efficiency rating,

price: around $240

Bosch PowerStar AE115 whole house, electric tankless water heater, 1 application, 90% efficiency rating,

price: around $480

Stiebel Eltron

Stiebel Eltron, Tempra 12, whole house water heating system, 2 GPM, one bathroom,

price: around $430

Stiebel Eltron, Tempra 24, whole house water heating system, two bathrooms,

price: around $650

Stiebel Eltron, DHC-E-10, 7.2-9.6 kW, point of use electric water heater,

Stiebel tankless water heater price: around $300

Last update 2011-2012.

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