Titan Tankless Water Heater - SCR2
Review and Buying Tips

Titan tankless water heater SCR2 is one of the most advanced electric water heating appliances constructed by the Niagara Industries.

Titan SCR2 Digital is the newest electric tankless model that is using technology to increase the performance with faster and more accurate temperature control. Titan SCR2 features the air and water deferential analyzing system to prevent dry start while the integrated digital microprocessor checks the input and output water temperature 21 times per second.

The collected data is then analyzed, and a power control system manages the power usage to keep the efficiency high and provide the outgoing hot water temperature stable.

This new and advanced technology is the result of the cooperation between NASA and Niagara Industries. New Titan tankless water heater and electric appliances are now with up to 60% energy savings than traditional tank-type units.


Titan SCR-2 is used for a wide range of residential and commercial applications. All Titan tankless electric models are simple by design, small in size; 7" W x 10" H x 2-3/4 D, 8 pounds in weight making it easy to install and troubleshoot.

Niagara Industries provides a 10-year warranty on all water-carrying components and one for other parts.

Lime and sediment buildup is usually a problem when the hard water is in your plumbing system, but Titan SCR2, due to its shielded Incoloy heating elements and copper and brass casing, helps to reduce its effect.

... other SCR2 features:

  • UL and ANSI approved
  • 1/2" Standard Pipe
  • A minimum pressure is 5 PSI; a maximum is 150 PSI
  • Heating elements are from Dual Incoloy/Ni-chrome
  • Energy efficiency is up to 99.5%
  • Minimal flow and activation rate is 0.4 GPM
  • Recommended flow is medium and around 1 gpm
  • Indicators for work condition Red is for ON, Amber is for standby
  • For protection, it uses Digital Temperature Control - Manual Resettable Thermostat
  • Power mode control allows the user to increase or decrease the temperature

SCR2 models

Titan SCR-2 is available in seven different models, from the smallest model N-10 and its 3.2 kW to the largest N-120 and its 11.8 kW heating power. All Titan SCR-2 models are tankless electric water heaters that are designed for 220 V, except N-10 model that uses 110 V. Maximum amperage on N-120 models is 54 Amps.

Larger models, from N-64 model up, are recommended as the substitution to the standard tank type heaters, providing the same if not better comfort and meeting your heating needs.

Standard voltage for Titan SCR-2 is 220 VAC, but they can use 208 and 277 V. With higher voltage the Titan water heater will get more power, while the lower voltage will decrease the power.

As the models mentioned above will produce different flow, you should reference next; for the middle size, house recommendation is to use N-120 and N-100 models and for apartments N-100 or N-85.

For small hot water demands including small sinks, lavatory and point of use applications, where warm water is needed, use N-10 and N-42 Titan models. N-10 model provides warm water only with the recommended 0.5 to 1.0 gpm flow and is not designed for shower applications, especially not in the colder areas. With 1.0 gpm you will get only 26 F in temperature rise for N-10 and 11 F for 4.0 gpm on N-42 models.

Titan tankless water heater SCR-2, N-64 is recommended for warm climates where the incoming cold water temperature is at least 69 F so with the gpm of 4.0 it can produce 11 F temperature rise.

If you have a house with one to three bathrooms, the recommendation is to use a tankless water heater with 4.0 gpm of hot water flow, so you should check out N-85 with 15 F temperature rise, N-100 with the 18 F and the largest N-120 with 20 F.

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