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Chronomite electric tankless water heater

A review of Chronomite water heaters for point-of-use and whole-house water heating, including the main features and specs of both tank-type and tankless.

If you need a wall-mount and small tank-type unit with the capacity of a few gallons only and for jobs like dishwashing or hand washing, Chronomite has it.

Also, if you would like to have a continuous supply of hot water, with the reduced flow of cold water, either for single or multiple applications, Chronomite is the way to go.

Chronomite is the US company that designs and manufactures small and compact tank-type and tankless electric water heaters for residential and commercial applications, for over 50 years.

Chronomite model review

Popular models to buy

  1. Chronomite SR-20L
  2. Chronomite M-30L
  3. Chronomite SR-40

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There are four tankless and one tank-type electric models of the Chronomite water heaters available for potable water heating, where the tankless, due to its instantaneous heating and absence of the storage tank, has many advantages, such as the high energy efficiency of 99%, on-demand water heating, continuous and endless supply of hot water, small and compact size.

Tankless electric models with the heating power of up to 10 kW are used mainly for point-of-use service, while those with the capacity from 10 kW to 154 kW, can be used for the whole-house water heating, in homes and commercial applications as well.

It is worth mentioning that the tankless models for home use come with the small, compact and lightweight design which allows easy and fast installation, while on-demand heating always provides fresh water, which significantly reduces the risk of Legionella bacteria development.

Tank-type models - CMT series review

Chronomite water heaters that utilize a small water storage tank are designed for point-of-use applications only, where the small amount of hot water is needed; hand washing, small dish loads and alike.

The tank-type models are coming from the CMT series and are available in three sizes, where the 4-gal unit, CMT-4, is the largest. These can be installed independently, usually under the sink, supplying mainly one fixture, or in-line, connecting a large cylinder with the fixture, resulting in shorter delivery time, energy and water savings.

The tank-type models are the simplest type and do not require any electrical work to be done saving you time and money during the installation. Tank-type water heaters come with the standard 110 V plug-in cord, so no need to call an electrician to wire the heater.

The CMT water heater can provide hot water with the temperature ranging from 50 F to 140 F, which is controlled by simply using the adjustable thermostat knob.

The advantages are small and compact size, energy and water savings, easy to handle, install and affordable price. The disadvantage is the lower capacity making it unsuitable for use in the whole-house applications.

Chronomite tankless water heaters review

All Chronomite water heaters with the tankless technology heat water on demand and delivering in an endless supply. Those models that are used in residential homes come in the power range from 1.4 - 10 kW and are mainly designed for point-of-use service, while the largest models are used in commercial industry, such as hotels, restaurants, schools and large homes, and can provide a power of up to 154 kW.

These can also be used in homes, as the large capacity is making them great for multiple fixtures and high-demanding applications.

Chronomite tankless water heaters for homes are found in the following series:

  • Instant-Flow series
  • Instant-Flow Micro series
  • Instant-Temp series
  • Residential Twins and Triplets - ER series

All of the Chronomite water heaters, except the SR tankless series and CMT mini-tank models, are equipped with the Digital Microprocessor technology which allows controlled output temperature to avoid scalding temperatures and which eliminates the need for the mixing valve.

The digital microprocessor allows very fast response time in temperature control so the unit can achieve stable temperature, less waste, and high energy efficiency.

According to the Chronomite manufacturer, when comparing the energy usage of the Instant-Flow SR models and Instant-Flow Micro models (3600 W model), in the summer time, savings are up to 45%.

The Field Adjustable water temperature setting is found in the mini tank, and two tankless models - Instant-Temp and High Capacity Instant-Temp.

The self-cleaning feature eliminates the risk of mineral deposits and drops in the efficiency, therefore reducing the maintenance and service cost.

All the Chronomite water heaters are small, compact, easy to handle and install. Buying is also not a problem as they are affordable and have low installation cost, either done by a handy homeowner or a pro.

If you require professional assistance, contact a local water heater expert today!

If you need HELP contact an expert today!

Instant-Flow water heaters

Chronomite SR models are basic models that are designed as the instant electric tankless water heaters for point-of-use services, such as showers, lavatories, sinks in bathrooms and kitchens and can also be used in some commercial applications.

Chronomite SR models come in several sizes and are grouped as the low flow (activation rate is 0.35 GPM) and standard flow models (activation rate is 0.65 GPM).

The low flow SR models have the maximum power of close to 6,000 Watts and delivery rate up to 1 GPM. These are operating in the range from 120 V to 277 V and using from 15 A to 30 A.

The standard flow models are able to produce more power - approximately 10,000 Watts and deliver more hot water - up to 1.5 GPM. They operate in the voltage range from 208 to 277 V and amperage of up to 40 A.

Instant-Flow Micro

There are three Instant-Flow Micro categories: CM series, M series, and M-MM series. The great advantage of the Instant-Flow Micro models, when compared to the basic Chronomite CR models, is the built-in digital microprocessor technology which reduces the effect of temperature fluctuation, high scalding temperature and the need for mixing valves while providing higher energy efficiency of up to 50%.

Chronomite Instant-Flow Micro models from CM series, come in several designs, operating in voltages from 120 V to 277 V and with the maximum power of close to 6,000 Watts, for the maximum water temperature of 160 F. In warmer regions the largest models are able to provide up to 1 GPM, while most models up to 0.5 GPM in colder areas. Built as the low flow activation models, these can operate with the minimum water flow of 0.2 gallons, while most of the units from Chronomite at 0.35 gallons and higher.

Instant-Flow Micro models from M series are also found as the low flow models with the minimum operating flow rate of 0.35 GPM and power up to 9600 Watts, and standard water flow models with the minimum 0.65 GPM activation rate and models with up to 11 kW of power. Both models are able to deliver up to 2 GPM of hot water, especially in regions with the mild-warm climate.

Instant-Flow Micro models from M-MM series have similar specs as the above models but include the mixing valve for the applications where the steady temperature is needed. These also come with the low and standard flow.

Instant-Temp series

Instant-Temp series or E series is according to the manufacturer "top of the line" model that features an external digital temperature selection and has a remote control option.

It is available as the low and standard flow models, and can also serve as a booster. Low flow models, with the maximum power of 9,000 Watts are able to provide up to 1.25 GPM of hot water.

Residential Twins & Triplets - ER series

Chronomite Twins & Triplets are the largest residential water heaters with the tankless design. The largest models come with the power of close to 29 kW and flow rate of up to 4.25 GPM, making it great for use not only in point-of-use but whole-house applications. While these models are equipped with the durable stainless steel casings, other models have it as an option.

The recommended Chronomite water heaters from Twins category for use in homes are known as L2 models, available in two sizes (60 and 80 A) generating the power of up to 19,200 Watts and up to 3 GPM.

Chronomite Triplets or L3 models also come in two sizes with the total Amps of 90 and 120 A and maximum power of 28,800 Watts and water flow of 4.25 GPM, making it great for high demanding applications.

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The Chronomite company has been building electric and tankless water heaters from 1966 and today offers a variety of small and compact models for residential and commercial use. Either you need a tank-type unit with the capacity of 1 gallon or a powerful tankless model for your restaurant, retail store or a large building; fixtures with a single and two handles, or automatic sensor faucets, Chronomite has it.

So, remember, the following features are what make the Chronomite water heater a good choice:

  • Energy conservation due to the energy efficiency of 99%.
  • Water savings as the hot water is available almost instantly.
  • Digital microprocessor control on some models.
  • Anti-scalding feature.
  • Space saving design allows for easy handling and installation.
  • Lower maintenance and operational costs due to the simple design.
  • Provides a healthy and safe environment.
  • Stainless steel housing for protection (built-in on some models, optional on other).
  • Made in America.

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