Eemax RV Water Heaters
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Eemax RV water heater

Eemax RV water heaters from Eemax Inc. are built as the electric tank-less appliances for use in RV and marine applications that offer a modern and compact design, on-demand heating and continuous supply of hot water, are easy to handle and install and simple to troubleshoot.

Models review

Eemax Inc. offers three types of RV and marine models; all of them designed as point-of-use water heaters for small jobs and constructed in three power ratings:

  • Eemax EX2412M model provides 2.4 kW, requires 120 V and 20 A, 10 AWG wire size, min. 25 psi, and max. 150 psi, gives 1 gallon per minute of hot water at 17 F temp. rise.
  • Eemax EX3012M model provides 3.0 kW, requires 120 V and 25 A, 10 AWG wire size, min 25 psi, and max 150 psi, gives 1 gpm at 21 F temp. rise.
  • Eemax EX3512M model provides 3.5 kW, requires 120 V and 29 A, 10 AWG wire size, min 25 psi and max 150 psi, gives 1 gpm at 24 F temp. rise.

Note: All Eemax RV heaters must have its own and independent hard-wired circuit and correctly rated double pole breaker and wires.

If you require professional assistance, contact a local water heater expert today!

If you need HELP contact an expert today!

Features review

  • Eemax RV water heaters are designed as instantaneous units as they heat water instantly and work on demand; the flow switch activates the unit when there is a demand for hot water.
  • Eemax RV point-of-use units are small, with the dimensions of 10.75" W x 5.25" H x 3" D so they can easily fit in any kitchen or bathroom cabinet, without occupying valuable space from your boat, RV or mobile home.
  • All the generated power goes toward water heating, so units are 99% energy efficient.
  • Maximum outgoing temperature is 140 F.
  • Eemax RV water heaters are designed for standard US shore power of 120 V, so that they can use a dockside or campsite electrical grid for power.
  • All Eemax models are designed for low volume applications - hand washing, for example.
  • Eemax RV models are easy to install, and the best spot is usually under the sink. Models are using the bottom connection for the cold water supply and its rear side for the electrical hook up. The temperature and pressure relief valve is not needed.
  • Eemax Inc. provides a one-year limited warranty on the parts and five years in a case of leaking.

All heaters for recreational vehicles have to be installed correctly; vertically, and usually on the wall, below the level of all hot water outlets it supplies, with the fittings facing down.

Special Eemax aerators should be installed to provide the water flow rate of less than 1.5 gpm.

For the heater's activation, minimum water flow has to be at least 0.5 gallons per minute.

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