Navien NPE Water Heaters
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Discover Navien tankless and condensing water heaters from NPE series, a series with the standard and advanced groups of heating units made for on-demand heating of potable water in residential and light commercial applications, including space heating. Check out the main differences between NPE-A and NPE-S models, and which is a better buy.

Models and features review

Navien NPE series is comprised of two types of tankless and condensing water heaters; NPE-A as the advanced and NPE-S as the standard type. NPE-A has three models to choose from; NPE-180, NPE-210, and NPE-240, while the NPE-S group includes one more, NPE-150S, as the smallest unit in this group.

ComfortFlow technology

Navien NPE-240 water heaterNavien NPE-240

All models coming from the Navien NPE-A group are equipped with the ComfortFlow technology, a technology that reduces the wait time for hot water between the heat exchanger and hot water tap, eliminates the minimum flow rate requirement and reduces the temperature fluctuation.

This is what increases the overall experience and saves you money. The ComfortFlow technology of the NPE-A models incorporates the recirculation pump and 0.4 gallons buffer tank, which ensures fast delivery of hot water and reduced number of "cold water sandwich" effect. By setting up the DIP switch, you can arrange any model to use the internal or external recirculation mode.

If you require professional assistance, contact a local water heater expert today!

If you need HELP contact an expert today!

Advanced control panel

In front of the Navien NPE water heaters is the control panel that includes features such as hot water recirculation mode, diagnostic button, a master button for cascade operation, a button for basic information, power and reset button, up and down button to increase and decrease the temperature and status light. 

By using the up and down push buttons the temperature can be set in 1 F increment, in the range from 98 F to maximum 140 F, while for NPE-240A and space heating up to 185 F. A remote controller can also be installed, but it is an optional accessory.

Ultra high efficiency

Both groups are equipped with two stainless steel heat exchangers, made to heat water fast, efficiently and for many years.

NPE-A models come with the energy factor of up to 0.97, while the NPE-S has the maximum EF of 0.99. This ensures excellent energy savings as it can heat water more efficient and with less power than the non-condensing units.


Every unit must be adequately vented to ensure the constant flow of fresh air for combustion and removal of the products of combustion. For the proper work of the venting system, NPE uses the 2" PVC, PP, ABS or CPVC venting pipes with the maximum length of 60 ft, and if the 3" pipe is used, up to 150 ft.

More hot water with the cascading system

Another great advantage of the Navien NPE water heaters is the built-in control feature for the multi-unit system, so no extra elements and features are needed for cascading units into one system. Up to 16 units can be connected via Navien Ready-Link communication cable if demand for hot water is high.

Useful add-on features

The NPE series are made for water heating and combined space / DHW application. An add-on controller allows NPE-A models and hydronic air handler to work together, utilizing the pump to circulate hot water.

Another useful add-on feature is the Wi-Fi remote control system, which allows users with the smartphone remotely to control water temperature, check the status and receive diagnostic error code if there is a malfunction.


Models / Specs NPE-150S NPE-180A/S NPE-210A/S NPE-240A/S
Gas input (BTU) 18,000-120,000 15,000-150,000 19,900-180,000 19,900-199,900
Water flow (GPM)
35 F temp.rise
6.8 8.4 10.1 11.2
Energy factor 0.97 0.97
Temp. settings (F) 98-140 98-140 98-140 98-140
Energy consumption (Watts) 200 200 200 200
Max. vent length (ft) 2" - up to 60 2" - up to 60 2" - up to 60 2" - up to 60
Size (inch) 17.3 x 27.4 x 13.2
Weight (lbs) 55 75

If you require professional assistance, contact a local water heater expert today!

If you need HELP contact an expert today!

Features review

  • Primary and secondary heat exchangers, made of stainless steel for reliable and long lasting heating operation.
  • Indoor and outdoor installation where the indoor model uses the direct vent sealed combustion while the outdoor is ventless.
  • Built-in control panel for temperature control and error code display.
  • Cascading set-up for connecting up to 16 units.
  • Built-in pump and buffer tank for internal and external recirculation in Navien NPE-A series.
  • Intelligent Preheating Technology recognizes hot water usage pattern, increasing the comfort and saving energy.
  • All Navien NPE models are factory built to use natural gas and convert to use propane gas.
  • Safety features: Flame Rod, APS, Ignition Operation Detector, Water Temperature High Limit Switch, Exhaust Temperature High Limit Sensor, Power Surge Fuse. The freeze protection uses the recirculation mode to protect the unit.
  • Warranty of 15 years on heat exchangers.

Navien tankless and condensing water heaters from NPE series are powerful and versatile units that can last for many years (approximately 20 years), as long as properly maintained and serviced on time. The manufacturer provides a warranty of 15 years in residential applications and 8 in the commercial on the heat exchanger.

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