Noritz NRCP Water Heaters
Review and Buying Tips
(updated 2017)

Review of Noritz NRCP water heaters from ecoTough series, a series that includes two condensing models NRCP1112 and NRCP982 utilizing superior features such as the built-in recirculation pumps for faster hot water delivery and control panel for greater comfort and convenience.

Models and features review

Noritz NRCP1112 tankless water heaterNoritz NRCP1112

Noritz water heaters NRCP1112 and NRCP982 are two of the most powerful and efficient models from this manufacturer, equipped with the tankless and condensing technology, and able to provide ultra-high performance with significant savings. The secondary condensing heat exchanger made of the heavy duty stainless steel is what makes the thermal transfer superior and resistant to scale build-up.

High efficiency and flow rate

High energy factor of up to 0.94 is found on NRCP models either using natural or propane gas, but this is not all, they also come with the high water flow rate of 11.1 GPM, found on NRCP1112 models and 10.1 GPM found on NRCP982 models.

They are recommended for the combined residential water and space heating, where the smaller model NRCP982 can be used in homes with 2-3 bathrooms while larger NRCP1112 for use in 3-4 bath homes.

Recirculation to reduce the wait time

What makes the NRCP series unique and different from other tankless water heaters from this manufacturer is the built-in recirculation pump that can be used in the external and internal recirculation lines, resulting in faster hot water delivery, reduced water, and energy consumption.

Control panel

The units are equipped with the advanced electronics that feature useful diagnostics system allowing users and service technicians easy troubleshooting and the control panel that is built-in in the front of the unit for easy and convenient use.

The control panel consists of several functional buttons and large LCD display screen to control, adjust, and display info such as the time, temperature, water flow, operational and status icons, error codes and history, or program the recirculation system...

Small and compact

The small and compact design of approximately 28"x17"x15" allows users, when replacing the tank-type water heater, to save the floor space for other use as these models are installed on the wall. Thanks to the power venting and sealed combustion chamber, installation is possible almost anywhere inside the house.

If the Noritz NRCP water heaters are installed in cold places such as the garage, unheated basement or crawl space, the freeze protection of -30 F keeps them safe from freezing temperatures.


NRCP models are for indoor installation only and are designed with the two-pipe direct vent system that is also convertible to a single vent, allowing great flexibility in the indoor installation. Moreover, since the PVC pipes can be used due to the lower exhaust temperature, installation gets cheaper and simpler.

The main drawback of the NRCP series is that the models are not compatible with the quick-connect system that allows linking two heaters into one system, which is very useful in high-demanding homes.

Features highlights

  • Primary heat exchangers made of commercial grade copper and secondary made of long-lasting stainless steel.
  • Built-in recirculation pump that delivers hot water fast, and can be used in internal and external recirculation modes.
  • Direct electronic ignition for fast and reliable start.
  • PVC, CPVC or PP venting system with the lengths of maximum 100 feet.
  • Built-in remote control for easy temperature control and adjustment, including flow rate and advanced diagnostics.
  • Temperature adjustments from 100 to 150 F (NRCP1112 and 140 F for NRCP982) in 9 settings.
  • Safety features include; freeze protection, high limit switch, flame sensor, temperature lockout, electric ignition, water and gas leak detector.
  • Acceptable noise level is less than 60 dB.
  • Standard 3/4" gas and water connections.
  • 12-year warranty on heat exchangers and 5 years on other parts.


Models / Specs NRCP1112 NRCP982
Gas input (BTU) 18,000 – 199,900 18,000 – 180,000
Water flow (GPM) 0.5-11.1 0.5-9.8
Energy factor 0.94 0.94
Temp. settings (F) 100-140 100-140
Energy consumption (Watts) 172 172
Max. vent, length (ft) 100 100
Size (inch) 28x17x15 28x17x15
Weight (lbs) 85 85


The comparison table and features review show that both models from Noritz NRCP series are alike, but there are some differences such as the power, flow rate and condensate neutralizer that is available on NRCP1112 only.

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