State Hot Water Heater

Premier electric residential models from State Industries

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State hot water heater, Premier electric model, is the most energy efficient residential electric model from State Industries.

State Industries has been designing and producing electric water heaters from 1948 and today can offer a decent number of electric heaters, from residential to commercial applications, while featuring the Premier model as one of the best electric water heaters.


State hot water heater Premier electric models are constructed from high quality materials that allow them to provide high hot water output and great performance, maximum energy efficiency, reliable and durable service.

State Hot Water Heater premier electric modelsState hot water heater, Premier self cleaning electric model, is top of the line electric unit for residential water heating, and thanks to the 3" thick foam insulation and energy saving heat traps, the radiant heat loss through the tank walls is reduced.

The foam that surrounds the steel tank has the high insulation value of R 24, providing great savings on operating costs.

All State Premier electric water heaters are designed with the high energy efficiency factor, EF, of 0.95, allowing these State energy efficient water heaters to contribute to the environmentally friendly installations and LEED certification for new residential projects.

Blue Diamond glass coating offers long tank life, and as one of the toughest protections against corrosion in water heating industry, allows Premier electric model to be more durable than standard heaters and with long hours of worry free service.

Another element that protects the unit/tank from corrosion and is a standard component part is the heavy duty magnesium anode rod or sacrificial rod.

Unique dip tube design and self cleaning Turbo Coil system reduces the sediment collection at the bottom of the tank and keeps the Premier water heater efficiency high. This is possible due to the turbulent water flow of the incoming cold water through the dip tube, and at the same time it withstands high temperatures of hot water, up to 400 F.

What provides the efficient and durable water heating are Sandhog low watt density 4.5 kW incoloy steel heating elements with 2-3 times longer life when comparing to the standard copper elements. Upper and lower low-watt heating elements are designed to save on energy and are more efficient than high-watt heating elements.

State Industries for Premier electric water heaters, due to its quality engineering and durable tank and other component parts, provides a limited warranty of 10 years.

Premier Electric Models

There are two groups of heaters available, from the Premier series, and based on the size you can choose between medium and tall electric models. Medium in height Premier water heaters are available in two sizes, 40 and 50-gallon tanks with a height of 47 and 50".

Premier tall models are in a height range from 57 to 62" while the available tank sizes are 40, 50, 66 and 80-gallon.

These are the model numbers, for tall and medium size water heaters:

  • EPX 40 DXRT - 40 gallon capacity

  • EPX 52 DXRT - 50 gallon capacity

  • EPX 66 DXRT - 66 gallon capacity

  • EPX 80 DXRT - 80 gallon capacity

  • EPX 40 DXRS - 40 gallon capacity (medium size)

  • EPX 50 DXRS - 50 gallon capacity (medium size)

All these electric appliances are constructed to heat the water with the two Incoloy steel heating elements that are working on 240 VAC while providing a standard 4,5 kW and maximum 5,5 kW of heating power.

There are other important State hot water heater features that will decide what is the best unit for you. The recovery rate is one of them, and for Premier self cleaning models is 21 gallons per hour, measured with the 90 F temperature rise. First hour rating is in the range from min. 52 for EPX 40 DXRS (40-gallon) medium model to 81 gallons for EPX 80 DXRT (80-gallon) tall model.

(Pictures courtesy of State)