State Power Vent Water Heaters
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State gas power vent water heater

The review covers the State gas water heaters from Premier and Select series that are using power venting and are equipped with the water storage tank.

The power vent system is also known as forced venting since the heater uses the electric blower to move the products of combustion outdoor.

State Power Vent models

  • Premier Power Vent
  • Select Power Vent
  • Select SL Power Vent
  • Hybrid

All of the State power vent water heaters are high efficiency and Energy Star compliant. Thanks to the great energy saving features and overall design, State delivers high energy factors, which makes them eligible for utility rebates and great savings for you.

The heaters are mainly designed for heating potable water, but thanks to the convenient side connections some models can be attached to home heating (see below).

Premier Power Vent

State Premier gas water heater with power ventingState Premier

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Premier Power Vent GP6 50 YTVIT is not an ordinary conventional water heater, it is more advanced. The unit utilizes the fully submerged helical coil heat exchanger that results in superior heat transfer and high thermal efficiency of 90%.

The high gas input of 76,000 BTU allows them to have a high First Hour Rate of 127 gallons and a recovery rate of 92 GPH, making it ideal for homes with the high hot water demand.

Other great benefits include its capability to heat not only potable water but home space, and Intelli-Vent gas control for better accuracy, easy diagnostics, and strong and durable hot surface igniter.

With the low NOx design, gas burner produces fewer greenhouse gases, while the dual heavy-duty anode rod provides ultra protection for the metal tank.

Select Power Vent

Select Power Vent group is the most extensive group that contains units with the capacity from 40 to 75 gallons, all built for natural and propane gas use. All models are FVIR compliant, except 75-gal unit, which utilizes the Intelli-vent power gas control valve, and the extra-durable silicon nitride hot surface ignitor.

Only two models; GS6 40 YBVIT 2 and GS6 50 YBVIT 2 are with the 0.67 energy factor and are Energy Star compliant.

Select SL Power Vent

State power vent water heaters are also found with the side mounted taps for the potable recirculating system and use with the radiant floor heating and hydronic air handlers. There are four models available ranging from 40 to 75-gallon tank size.

Hybrid Power Vent

Hybrid power vent water heater GPH 90N does not belong to the conventional type gas appliances, but it combines the best from tankless and tank-type technology resulting in the high energy efficiency and First Hour Rating. The innovative technology includes the patented circulation system that ensures the best performance and other benefits.



As said before the unique venting system design provides great flexibility of the power vent water heaters. As opposed to standard type, power vent uses cheaper PP, ABS, PVC and CPVC type vents. The venting system runs horizontally through the outside wall or vertically through the roof, by using the 3” or 4” diameter vent pipes, with the maximum lengths of 180 feet.

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Self-cleaning system

Every gas-powered water heater from State is equipped with the specially designed dip tube, a Self-Cleaning Turbo Coil system that optimizes the water speed and reduces sediment buildup at the bottom of the storage tank. This way, the unit runs with less thermal stress, which prolongs its life and maximizes the efficiency.

Elements that increase the efficiency

The elements that improve the thermal efficiency are the thick foam insulation of 2”, the heat traps that prevent hot water from getting into the cold water plumbing and a hot surface, which doesn't waste the energy as the pilot light and is more reliable and very durable.


With the implementation of the FVIR technology, almost every State power vent water heater is protected from the accidental ignition of flammable vapors outside the combustion chamber.

Green Choice gas burner

All water heaters are equipped with the eco-friendly Green Choice burner that can burn natural and propane gas efficiently and with the reduced NOx emission.

Intelli-Vent gas control valve

The gas control valve and thermostat include the advanced electronics for precise temperature control of hot water and LED indicator that displays the operating status and helps in troubleshooting the problem. The Intelli-Vent gas control valve is standard on all power vent models.

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