Best Bradford White Electric Water Heaters Review and Buying Tips

A review of the best Bradford White electric water heaters for heating potable water and buying tips. See the features that make electric models cheaper, more reliable, and easier to install, service, troubleshoot, and maintain.

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Model review

Bradford White electric water heaterBradford White electric

There are many electric water heaters from Bradford White you can choose from, from the smallest 2-gallon, designed for point-of-use service and a single application, to large 80-gallon tanks found among heat pumps - recommended for the whole house water heating and families with 5 to 6 members. Alternatively, you can use tankless with on-demand water heating.

The electric water heaters are grouped into several categories;

  • Upright models - traditional tall models that are designed with the maximum capacity of 50 gallons - equipped with the exclusive Bradford White features.
  • Lowboy models - short models that come with the maximum capacity of 47 gallons, recommenced for homes where the utility room lacks vertical space.
  • Wall hung models with the smaller capacity (6-19 gal) mounted on the wall.
  • Utility models with a capacity from 6 to 19 gallons.
  • Powerful compact - the smallest tank-type unit with 2-gal capacity.
  • Instantaneous models - designed as tankless water heaters installed on the wall or under the sink that works on demand and have no water storage tank, providing hot water in endless supply.

Features and benefits

If looking to buy one of the best Bradford White electric water heaters from the standard type, such as the Upright models, ensure that the model utilizes some or all of the following features:

  • 2" thick foam insulation for heat loss reduction.
  • Hydrojet Total Performance System - a patented system that fights the sediment build-up in the tank while extending the first-hour delivery.
  • Vitraglas lining - used to protect inner metal tank surface.
  • Heating elements with the maximum power.
  • Dry-fire heating element protection.
  • Brass drain valve.
  • Quality, commercial-grade anode rod.

Best Bradford White electric water heaters to buy

While the above features are great to have on the standard electric type from Bradford White, the best models to buy are coming from the Kwickshot series - instantaneous type and AeroTherm - heat pump group.

Instantaneous water heaters - Kwickshot

The Kwickshot is the electric tankless water heater that heats water on demand and delivers hot water in endless supply to one or more fixtures, depending on the size. These are built as the energy saver models, where water is heated only when needed, so there is no standby heat loss.

The smallest unit used for a single fixture has only 3 kW, while the largest one that is used for more than one fixture is a three-phase, thermostatic unit with 32 kW of power (EFTR-32000-6-T-10). This model is recommended for purchase for large homes and high hot water demand.

Unlike tank-type models that carry copper heating elements, the Kwickshot is equipped with the Ni-Chrome elements for optimum heat transfer and longer life. Due to their small and compact size, these models also provide an easy wall installation.

Heat pumps - Aerotherm

The AeroTherm heat pump is the best type to buy from Bradford White electric water heaters. The reasons for this are several;

  • This is the only electric model that is Energy Star compliant.
  • An advanced control panel with the diagnostic system allows easy programming, troubleshooting, and service.
  • High First Hour Delivery of 89 gallons.
  • Ultra-quiet operation with the 55 dBA noise level.
  • Greater flexibility with the several operating modes that provide faster recovery, higher efficiency, and protection.
  • Installation is as easy as the standard type - almost the same footprint.
  • High energy factor provides great cost-saving benefits to the consumer.
  • Qualifies for local utility rebates and other incentives.
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Bradford White electric water heaters are getting many positive reviews from users and contractors. The great selection allows you to choose a unit for almost any home size, with the low and high hot water demand, and in any location. If you prefer the conventional type, which is also affordable, go with the tall 50-gal models from the Upright series, with the features described above. 

If your preference is the small and compact unit, then the instantaneous type is the best bet. 

Also, if you have decided to buy a water heater with the most advanced features no matter the price, the Aerotherm heat pump is the one to go with... especially as it pays off in a few years.

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