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Reliance manufacturer offers many types and models for gas potable water heating in residential applications; standard, ultra-efficient, ultra-low NOx, high efficiency, mobile home, tankless...

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Some of the Reliance gas water heaters are designed as economy models (priced several hundred dollars), and some are built for high demanding homes and customers who are looking for the most advanced technology followed by the greater savings. This review will present the best water heaters from this manufacturer, with the main features and benefits.

The best water heaters from Reliance are usually those that have a high energy factor, which is 0.67 for energy-efficient conventional type and higher for condensing. High-efficiency models are found among power vented, power direct vented and atmospheric vented models, allowing buyers great selection.

Reliance high efficient gas water heaters

Reliance gas water heaters with the ultra-high efficiency are found as the power and power direct vented models, both models Energy Star compliant.

These water heaters are equipped with advanced electronics that regulate not only the water temperature inside the tank but the heating operation in general. Another great benefit is the environment-friendly and powerful gas burner that burns the natural or propane gas efficiently with the ultra-low NOx emission.

Reliance Power direct vent group has two models, known as EnviroSense, both with the 50-gallon tank; 6-50-YTPDT run by natural gas and 6-50-HTPDT run by propane. The group has the highest energy efficiency of all Reliance gas water heaters, 96% and high recovery of 164 gallons, resulting in very low energy loss and great comfort.

The power vented model, 6-50-YTVIT, has similar features, but the slightly lower efficiency of 90%, still extremely high when compared to the most models on the market. It is not equipped with the LCD display as the power direct vent model.

Except for the higher price, the main disadvantage is the short 6-year warranty, for both types.

Best power vent models

The next group of recommended water heaters is coming from the conventional type that uses the power vented system and an environmentally friendly gas burner for low NOx emission.

Reliance power vented water heaters are recommended for homes that do not have a chimney built and where greater flexibility in vent pipe routing and length is needed.

Several models are found in power vented group and these come with the most popular tank sizes of 40-gal (6-40-YRVIT), 50-gal (6-50-YRVIT) and 75-gal (6-75-YRVHTL).

Power vent water heaters are built as high-recovery models delivering more hot water for the period of the peak demand and supplying a sufficient amount of hot water for family sizes from 3 to more than 5 family members.

The main disadvantages are the short warranty and the absence of the self-cleaning system, making the unit prone to sediment buildup.

Best atmospheric vent heaters

From the Reliance atmospheric vent water heaters; there is one group of high-efficiency units that utilize the patented air intake system. This feature allows the pressurized environment within the combustion chamber to make the air/gas mixture ideal.

With the great air and gas mix, the efficiency increases, while boosting the performance for more energy savings. These are the most advanced atmospheric type water heaters from Reliance and units with the longest warranty, 12 years, mainly thanks to the powered anode and self-cleaning system.

There are two sizes 40-gal (12-40-GPCT) and 50-gallon (12-50-GPCT), both equipped with the advanced electronics and LCD display, which provides the user-friendly and easy to use controls for easy temperature adjustment and service diagnostics.

As opposed to other conventional type heaters, this type comes with the powered anode rod that protects the metal storage tank, without sacrificing itself.

Top features

Most of the Reliance gas water heaters use the old fashion pilot light, while the best gas models utilize the electronic ignition, known as hot surface ignition, which is more reliable and does not waste the energy.

The water heater burns propane and natural gas with the low NOx emission thanks to the Green Choice gas burner that reduces the environmental pollution significantly (some estimations shows a reduction of 33%).

The factory built-in powered anode rod provides longer heater’s life, and since it does not deplete over time, it eliminates the need for services.

Reliance Sta-Kleen system utilizes the specially designed dip tube that reduces the lime and sediment build-up inside the tank.

Another popular group of gas water heaters is coming from the tankless series, a series with an on-demand water heating and continuous supply of hot water.

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