Rheem Gas Water Heaters
Review and Buying Tips

Rheem gas water heaters review of the tank and tankless type for the efficient residential hot water heating. Best models to buy. Check out different models; including the ultra-low NOx, condensing, tankless and Energy Star models with the high energy efficiency.

Review of Rheem gas water heaters

Rheem gas water heaters, both tank and tankless are powered by natural gas and propane gas and are divided into three groups; Professional line, Performance line (available in the USA only) and Specialty line.

The tank-type group of heaters provides a large volume of hot water with the maximum capacity of 80 gallons, while tankless provide the environment-friendly and on-demand water heating with an endless supply of hot water to a single or multiple fixtures.

Popular models to buy

Features to look for and benefits

As the Rheem gas water heaters are available in a wide variety of types, models, and sizes, here is an overview of the top features to look for when shopping with the benefits you can expect for enhanced comfort, savings and years of reliable operation:

  • Guardian system to protect the system from the accidental ignition of flammable vapors.
  • Professional grade anode rod for the long corrosion protection.
  • Self-cleaning system that reduces the sediment build-up, keeping the efficiency high.
  • Electronic gas valve with the diagnostic system for easy use, control, and troubleshooting.
  • EcoNet for easier and convenient control.
  • Eco-friendly gas burner and low NOx gas emission.
  • Power damper on atmospheric models for the higher efficiency.
  • Heat traps to reduce the energy loss.
  • Durable brass drain valve.
  • Silicone nitride ignitor for durability.

Best Rheem gas water heaters to buy

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The best Rheem gas water heaters with the storage tank, utilize professional-grade components resulting in longer warranty of 12 years, self-cleaning system, also condensing technology for ultra-high energy efficiency, an advanced diagnostic system, high first-hour rating, recovery rate, and ultra-low gas emission.

Professional Prestige High-Efficiency RHE50

  • Submerged spiral-type internal heat exchanger, porcelain coated for the increased efficiency and durability.
  • Power direct venting with the two-pipe system ensures more flexibility during installation.
  • Environment-friendly gas burner provides lower greenhouse emission.
  • Self-diagnostic system helps in troubleshooting the water heater.
  • Energy Star rated with the high efficiency and lower energy loss.
  • High First Hour Rating of 98 GPH and recovery of up to 48.5 GPH provides plenty of hot water fast.
  • Dual anode rod protection against corrosion.
  • Durable hot surface ignitor.
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Performance Platinum Ultra-low Nox Powered Damper (XG50T12DU36UOW)

  • Energy Star model that utilizes the 24-volt powered flue damper, so more heat is transferred to the water, increasing the efficiency to 0.67.
  • Ultra-low NOx radiant burner design is making the water heater Eco-friendly and eligible for use in the regions with the strict gas emission rules. The gas burner is made of stainless steel, so the unit is more resistant to mechanical and thermal stress.
  • Self-cleaning system helps in reducing the energy waste as there are less sediment and lime deposits.
  • Premium grade anode rod provides longer water tank protection.
  • First-hour rating of 86 GPH and recovery rating of 36 GPH.
  • EcoNet compatible for use in home automation and energy management.
  • Longer warranty of 12 years.

Professional Classic Plus Induced Draft  (PROG29T60NCN70ID)

  • Small tank size of 29 gallons and small footprint occupies less floor space than the standard 50-gal unit.
  • Outperforms the standard 50-gal unit with the high first-hour rating of 90 GPH and recovery rate of 61 GPH.
  • Energy Star rated with the 0.70 energy factor - provides great savings.
  • Fan assisted draft inducer ensures more heat is transferred to water and less energy through the vents.
  • Can be used for both space and water heating.
  • EverKleen self-cleaning system for reduced sediment build-up.
  • Guardian system for protection and maintenance free operation.
  • Self-diagnostic system allows easy installation and service.
  • Low gas emission with the eco-friendly burner.
  • 8-year warranty.

Top tankless models to buy

Rheem RTGH 95 tankless water heaterRheem RTGH 95
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Best tankless water heaters are designed with two heat exchangers that make the condensing technology possible, providing an ultra-efficient water heating for the highest energy savings.

The largest and most advanced model from Rheem is tankless water heater RTGH-95DVLN that has the highest efficiency of 0.94 and water flow of 9.5 GPM, making it ideal for homes with up to 4 showers. Its secondary condensing heat exchanger is made of the durable and strong stainless steel. As it is Energy Star compliant, the unit easily qualifies for different incentives.

This tankless model is equipped with the remote controller for convenient temperature set up, EZ-Link to connect two units for higher hot water demand and the option to manifold up to 20 units. The hot start programming reduces the temperature fluctuation and "cold water sandwiches" increasing comfort.

Good alternatives to the above model are RTGH-90DVLN and RTGH-84DVLN both built for houses with up to 2-3 bathrooms and water flow of up to 8.4 GPH, utilizing the same advanced features as mentioned above, but with the lower power.

Either one you choose, the tankless models are equipped with several safety elements making them well protected from the extreme conditions (high temperature or freezing), and also backed by the 12-year factory warranty.

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