Richmond Electric Water Heaters
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Richmond electric water heaters

Check out the best of Richmond electric water heaters – offering premium features, quality elements, long warranty, and high energy efficiency.

See the reviews of the electric standard, tabletop, mobile home and high demand models, including the popular Marathon and heat pumps.

Richmond electric models are owned by the leading North American manufacturer of water heating equipment, Rheem.


There are dozens of Richmond hot water heaters that are using electricity to run, comprised of several groups, and used in different applications and home needs. Richmond electric heaters are used for residential applications mainly, while some are applicable for commercial use also.

All Rheem-Richmond electric water heaters are tank type and based on your preference and installation options you can choose the small point-of-use water heater or standard tall size.

Every electric model meets or exceeds the high-quality standards, including ISO 9000. Special features are implemented in some, and that allows Rheem/Richmond manufacturer to offer several warranty options; 6, 9 and the longest of 12 years.


Rheem/Richmond company manufactures several types of electric water heaters, including standard models, tabletop, mobile home, plastic Marathon electric water heater with the lifetime warranty and small point-of-use for point of service applications.

What makes the difference between Richmond electric water heaters with different warranties are features like long lasting Lifeguard stainless steel heating elements that prolongs the tank life, provide excellent resistance to lime build-up and accidental dry-fire burn out.

EverKleen Self Cleaning System is the Rheem's patented system that fights the lime and sediment buildup, so water heaters will have the improved tank life while maintaining high energy efficiency. High-density foam insulation reduces the standby heat loss and with the heat traps on 12-year warranty models, increases efficiency. All these features are applied on water heaters with the 9 and 12-year warranty.

Rheem-Richmond's best electric water heater is coming from the Marathon series, which is offered with the lifetime warranty. Other models can be purchased with one of the three different warranty options.

Marathon series

Marathon model is the only model from all Richmond electric water heaters that is available with the lifetime warranty. Marathon water heater tank is made of plastic, and such a design eliminates the need for the anode rod; as there are no metal parts, and no risk of corrosion. This is also helpful in a case where hard water might produce the smell odor, and the tank won't leak due to the rust.

Marathon water heater is also the product with the highest efficiency of all electric models from Richmond manufacturer, EF factor is in a range from 0.91 to 0.94. High efficiency is achieved by implementing rigid foam insulation and pipe insulation.

Inlet tube, bowl-shaped tank, and factory installed stainless heating element are helping in reducing the sediment buildup. Both upper and lower heating elements utilize 4500 W, and they are used for all Marathon water heaters.

The tank sizes are designed from 40 gallons for the small and middle size, standard 50-gallon to 105 gallons capacities for high demand applications.

Other electric models

Other models that are available from Richmond manufacturers are the standard type with 6, 9, and 12-year warranties. All models from this series are designed with the heavy duty anode rod for rust protection and extra durable dip tubes.

12-year warranty models are equipped with the 5500 W heating elements which heat the water 22% faster than standard heating elements found on 6 and 9-year warranty models. The upper element found on 9 and 12-year warranty models are made of stainless steel that increases the durability.

From these two groups, six Richmond electric water heaters are manufactured with the tank sizes from 40 gallons to 80 gallons while for the 6-year warranty group, you can find a wider range; from 30 to 120 gallons. Higher efficiency is achieved through rigid foam insulation and heat traps.

For the point-of-use service, choose Richmond point-of-use electric heaters to heat water where you need it. They are designed for the tight spaces, kitchen or bathroom, under the sink, where the side mounted water connections allow easier installation. When compared to the previous taller models, point-of-use heaters are using only one heating element of 2000 watts. Some models are coming with the capacities from 2.5 (it uses 1440 W heating element) to even 30 gallons, which have an energy factor of 0.93.

The table-top electric models are perfect for kitchen or laundry installations as they perfectly fit among other appliances, like dishwasher or dryer and provide an additional work area.

Solar electric water heaters are great for installation with the residential direct solar water heating systems. There are several groups available, like solar tanks with the side and top connections, with the electric boost and heat exchanger, all of them built in two sizes, 80 and 100 gallons.


Every electric water heater from Richmond is equipped with high-quality materials and backed by the flexible warranties and Rheem name. By buying a Richmond heater, you will get a unit that can meet all your needs for hot water, flow rate, performance, efficiency, reliability, and comfort.

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