State Gas Water Heaters
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State gas water heater

Explore a wide selection of State gas water heaters for residential use, designed as the tank and tankless type, and meet the most powerful and energy efficient models for the efficient, reliable and long-lasting hot water production.

Models review

State gas water heaters are coming from several categories; the advanced Premier line, economy Select, and on-demand or tankless group, which also includes the ultra-efficient models with the condensing technology.

This is what makes State a favorable brand - it can supply enough hot water from small one-bath homes to multi-bath homes with the high water demand, and can adapt to any home size and configuration, due to the flexible venting system; long and short runs, and atmospheric, direct or power venting setup.

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Premier series

State gas water heaters from Premier series are the best products from this manufacturer due to many advanced features it offers.

There are many features, but we will name the top ones; built-in connection for recirculation, Intelli-Vent gas control valve with the hot surface ignition, Green Choice burner - as found on Premier High-Efficiency Power Vent models, or pressurized combustion system, powered anode rod, and fan assisted atmospheric vented system as seen on Premier High-Efficiency models.

Features such as the condensing design and spiral heat exchanger that allows up to 96% thermal efficiency, the advanced electronic control, and remote control capability, are features that are making the Premier HE Power Direct Vent the best gas model from the State manufacturer.

The only disadvantage is the short 6-year warranty.

Select series

The Select series of State gas water heaters are a bigger group than the previous Premier, it comes with the features that are not as advanced, making all the models more affordable that can be used in a variety of applications; in small and big homes, or mobile housings.

The Select gas water heaters are available as atmospheric, direct, power and power direct vent models, some have the high energy factor and recovery rate, making them great for budget-oriented families. Here are the features to look for:

  • Energy Star compliance
  • Blue Diamond glass coating
  • CoreGard anode rod, both features protecting the unit from corrosion and potential leaking
  • Green Choice Eco-friendly gas burner for the reduced gas emission
  • Automatic self-cleaning dip tube for the reduced sediment build-up
  • Intelligent Control Logic
  • Automatic Flue damper that helps in efficiency increase by keeping the heat longer inside the tank
  • Heat trap nipples, good for efficiency and allows faster installation
  • Hot surface ignitor, last longer and is more reliable than the pilot light

Keep in mind when buying one of the State Select gas models that not all the above features are present in one unit, but more it has – better.

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State tankless water heaters are about technology, efficiency, flexibility, and savings. The models can be used in a variety of applications mainly due to the modulating gas burner, flexibility in venting installation, small and compact size or if used in recirculation systems... more.

Best models

The best State gas water heater from the tank-type models is Premier GP6-50-YTPDT, a condensing unit that is designed with a helical internal heat exchanger so the unit can operate with up to 96% energy efficiency for the maximized savings, advanced electronic control that includes the large LCD display for easy monitoring and troubleshooting, accurate operation, and iCOMM remote control.

Moreover, when checking the tankless series, look for the condensing unit from the 540 series as it has the highest energy factor of 0.96, high water flow rate of 10 GPM and warranty of 15 years.

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