50 gallon Electric Water Heater

50 gallon electric water heater is one of the most popular and selling sizes. One of the reasons is that 50-gal tank supplies enough gallons of hot water for the family size of four, and at the same time is affordable. The capacity of the 50 gallon water heater is usually enough for 1-2 bathroom homes.

We have collected some very useful information about electric, 50 gallon water heater manufacturers, and it includes reviews of Rheem, GE, Kenmore from Sears, AO Smith, Bradford White, Whirlpool and Reliance models. We have made this list to make your decision and shopping experience easier.

Top Reviewed and Selling

Kenmore 50 Gal

Features Review

Kenmore Power Miser 12 is the 50 gallon electric water heater that is sold exclusively through Sears. Here are the top features found in user reviews and specs:kenmore powermiser 12 electric water heater

  • Good size, tall in height (62").

  • Energy efficient water heater, thanks to the 3 inch thick foam insulation.

  • Good tank capacity provides enough hot water for a family of 4 and one to two bath homes.

  • The First Hour Delivery is 64 gal. and recovery rate is 25 gallons per hour.
  • Self cleaning Roto-Swirls, prevents mineral build-up and sediment deposits on the bottom of the tank and components.

  • Two heating elements give enough heat for home water heating. Limeguard system allows increased resistance to lime scale deposits.

  • Two heavy-duty anode rods for better tank protection from corrosion.

  • 12-year warranty on metal tank and parts.

  • Kenmore 55 gallon tank is a budget friendly model.

Kenmore Customer Reviews


  • excellent value for your money

  • thermostat allows adjustment between warm and scalding

  • quick recovery rate

  • superior protection and warranty

  • easy to install

  • slowly reheats the water in the tank

  • water is not hot enough

  • thermostat issues

Average consumer rating is 4 of 5, based on over 50 reviews.

Kenmore Power Miser 12 (32154) is highly rated, if not one of the best 50 gallon electric water heater from this company and is perfect for a family size of 4 or mid-size homes. It is durable (2 anodes fight the corrosion) and with the high insulation value of 24 keeps the heat longer. It sells for approximately $560 CAD.

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Rheem / Ruud Marathon 50 Gal Review

Features Review

Rheem / Ruud Marathon MSR50245 is the only 50 gallon electric water heater that is made of plastic and has the lifetime warranty:

  • Rheem provides a limited lifetime warranty.

  • 6 years replacement parts warranty.

  • The upper heating element is protected against "dry-firing", while lower element is made of stainless steel for longer life.
  • Seamless, blow-molded and lightweight polybutene tank that doesn't leak.

  • High efficiency (energy factor is 0.94), losses only 5 F of heat in
    24 h.

  • First hour delivery is 61 GPH, recovery rate is 20 GPH.
  • No need for the anode rode.

  • No rust, no corrosion.

  • One of the strongest tank-type heaters in the water heating industry.

  • Bowl shaped bottom allows complete draining.
  • Price is around $1000.

Rheem/Marathon User Reviews


  • durable

  • highest energy factor

  • energy efficient

  • light weight

  • eligible for rebates

  • good customer service

  • great warranty

  • expensive when comparing to other 50 gal electric water heaters

  • small issues with brand new water heater elements

  • not more efficient than cheaper water heaters

Author's note: Rheem / Ruud Marathon MSR50245 is due to its high quality tank, great energy factor EF and a lifetime warranty, probably the best 50 gallon electric water heater on the market. You can buy one for approximately $1000 from this online store.

Whirlpool 50 Gallon Review

Features Review

Whirlpool Energy Smart Lifetime 50-gal main features are:
Whirlpool 50 Gallon

  • Great size for the family of four and 1-2 bathroom homes.

  • 9 years warranty from Whirlpool.

  • Energy factor 0.92 provides savings in operating cost.

  • Non-CFC polyurethane foam helps to reduce heat and energy loss.

  • Self-diagnostic electronic control that comes with the three operating modes for energy savings, when on vacation and normal.

  • Touch screen display.

  • Easy to monitor the water heating operation and adjust the hot water usage pattern for better efficiency and reduced energy loss.

  • First hour delivery is 65 GPH, recovery rate is 20.7 GPH.

Whirlpool Customer Reviews


  • easy to install

  • settings are easy to use, minimal adjustment needed

  • affordable price, price is around $430

  • energy efficient; good insulation

  • good on money to operate

  • lots of hot water

  • warranty not long enough

  • hot water output is slow

  • heating performance is low to moderate

  • heater problems with leaking

  • low quality parts, drain valve for example

Average customer rating for this 50 gallon electric water heater is 4.5 of 5, based on over 50 reviews.

GE (General Electric) 50 Gal Review

Features Review

GE 50 Gallon (GEH50DEEDSR) is the 50 gallon electric water heater and heat pump at the same time that combines these two technologies for the high efficient water heating.
  • High energy factor of 2.4.

  • Energy Star approved that reduces the cost of water heating up to 62% - and is eligible for rebates.

  • It combines the heat pump technology and electric heating for higher efficiency.
  • Integrated electronics allow easy diagnostics and monitoring.

  • Several operating modes: Heat Pump, Hybrid, Standard, Vacation and High Demand.
  • 10-year warranty.

  • 2x4500 watt heating elements for electric water heating.

  • Upper heating element from stainless steel for longer life.

  • T&P relief valve factory installed, no need for additional purchase.

  • Energy cutoff switch, for excess temperature situations.

  • First hour deliver is 65 GPH.

GE 50 gallon Customer Reviews

  • GE heat pump and 50 gallon electric water heater run very efficiently

  • plenty of hot water

  • good on electrical bill

  • easy to install (installs like a standard electric water heater)

  • nergy Star approved

  • sediment built up

Average customer rating is 4 of 5.

If you want to buy a GE water heater it is hard to find it online. The only 50 gallon electric you can buy is a General Electric hybrid, called GE GeoSpring Heat Pump. It is Energy Star recognized due to its high energy efficiency. GeoSpring is the latest addition to GE water heating. GeoSpring heat pump is 50-gallon heater and it consumes up to 62% less energy than a standard electric water heater. The old model has the number GEH50DNSRSA, and the new one GEH50DEEDSR.

There is another highly recommended water heater that utilize the heat pump technology and electric heating elements. Rheem HP-50 is the heat pump that comes with the 50-gallon tank size, has a high energy efficiency and as great features as the above GE. See the price here.

AO Smith Conservationist

One of the top models among 50-gal electric water heaters from AO Smith is a tall PXHT 52 model that is coming from Conservationist series.

Features Review

  • Automatic sediment cleaning system - specially design dip tube helps in reduction of sediment build-up, maximizing the hot water output and increasing the efficiency.
  • Low density upper and lower heating elements are more efficient and last longer than standard types.

  • Quality anode rod with the stainless steel core.
  • 3 inch thick foam insulation with the R-value of 24 for the high energy efficiency.

  • First hour delivery is 60 GPH and recovery rate 21 GPH.

  • High energy factor of 0.95.

  • 10-year warranty.

Bradford White Energy Saver

Features Review

bradford white M-2-HE50S6DS

The best 50-gal electric hot water heater from Bradford White is the model M-2-HE50S6DS that is available with 6 and 10-year warranty. It is coming from High Efficiency Energy Saver series.

  • Factory installed Hydrojet Total Performance System to reduce sediment build-up, increase first hour delivery and maximize the performance.

  • Factory installed heat traps to reduce the heat loss.

  • Recovery rate of 20 GPH and energy factor of 0.91.

Reliance 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater

Features Review

Reliance 50 Gallon DORT top features are:reliance water heater 50 gallon

  • 6 years warranty.

  • first hour rating - 64 gallons.

  • Energy factor 0.90.

  • Glass lined tank.

  • Anode rod protection.

Reliance User Reviews


  • works quickly

  • energy efficient

  • factory installed temperature and pressure relief valve

  • enough hot water for family of 4

  • leaks

  • rust problem

  • some elements bad quality

  • quality so-so

  • an average water heater

Average customer rating is 3 of 5.

Reliance 50 Gallon DORT found its place here as the budget friendly 50 gallon electric water heater, designed for families who want an economical heater, decent features and reliable operation.

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