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Noritz water heater is one of the most popular and biggest Japanese manufacturers of hot water heating residential appliances. Noritz has been designing, developing and producing water related appliances from 1951, for both residential and commercial use. In 1961 gas bath heaters sale started.

With a capacity of 1.3 million water heaters per annum Noritz is number one in the world for production of on-demand gas appliances. They claim to have the largest manufacturing plant of tankless water heaters in the world.

Noritz America Corporation was established in 2001, and it offers a variety of tankless water heaters for residential and commercial applications.

Noritz America headquarters is located in California with several branches throughout America; Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and New York and many certified dealers and trained installers.


Noritz water heater company carries a variety of gas operated on demand water heaters that are environment friendly and are using the advanced, green technology. They also put an emphasis on the energy and space conservation and production of high efficient tankless appliances that are Energy Star recognized.

Using the finest and superior technology, Noritz instantaneous or on demand water heaters are producing hot water with 83-94% thermal efficiency, which means more savings on energy and money for you, when comparing to standard or conventional units.

Easy installation

Noritz water heater powered either by natural gas or propane gas can be installed virtually anywhere (there are restrictions also); saving you lots of space with wall mounting installation. As they are eco-friendly, they emit less greenhouse gases like CO2 and NOx. Models are combustion sealed and have a great advantage over atmospheric units as they are not using the internal air for combustion.


Another great benefit of Noritz tankless water heaters is the longevity; so less waste goes into the landfills than tank type, units are also smaller, more durable and with the high percentage of recyclable materials. Since every heater's part is replaceable there is no need to replace the whole unit when there is a malfunction; replacing the damaged part is enough.

Green technology

The advanced condensing Noritz water heater units are using superior and greener technology, while taking the advantage of the available latent heat and with a condensing process they are providing terrific 93% of thermal efficiency.

All water heaters are over 82% energy efficient and therefore Energy Star qualified with significant reduction in pollution.

Safe operation

Like any other water heating tankless manufacturer, Noritz on demand models are providing an endless and instant hot water. Noritz water heater is designed to be safe, to protect you and your kids from sudden burns, thanks to the electronic system called Advanced Q Function.

Available units are with the capacity and power output enough for one to five bathroom houses. If you need even more power and hot water, there is an option to link up to 24 units using a Multi-System or Quick-Connector.

Size variety

Noritz tankless water heater models are using propane and natural gas for water heating. They are designed for the whole house application and the smallest model produces 5.3 gallons per minute which is enough for homes with one to two bathrooms, where 9.3 gallons per minute hot water capacity is the largest on demand unit; ideal for up to 4-5 plumbing units.

Every Noritz water heater is using minimal electricity; mainly to light the gas burner with the electric direct ignition, to power the vent and PC board which controls the system.

Simple troubleshooting

With a PC board and smart technology error codes are used to detect what is wrong with the unit.

The common problem with any water heater is sediment buildup inside the copper piping and heat exchanger. Noritz recommends three solutions:

  • Flushing the tankless unit periodically

  • Installing a water softener

  • Use ScaleShield to prevent from forming

emergency plumber

Advanced Features


Noritz tankless model has a TurboFlow that allows the unit to meet any hot water demand, especially in the summer when the incoming water is warmer and when the heater automatically boosts its output to provide more flow capacity.

Dual Flame Burner

Some Noritz gas appliances are the only products of all manufacturers that are using Dual Flame Burner. This dual principle element utilizes the latest combustion technology that is electronically controlled and therefore provides hot water with very low temperature fluctuation, maximizing the heat output and maintaining high efficiency.

Dual flame burner technology uses two rows of burners, where second one burns the unlit gases escaped from the first row burners, so the result is an increased output efficiency, stabilized (less fluctuations) hot water temperature and increased performance; (not available on the N-0531S (new NR66-SV) and N-0631S (new NR71-SV) models).

Heat Exchanger

Above the gas burner, water is heated in a commercial grade heat exchanger that is built from thick commercial grade copper piping, making it tougher on stress and even more durable.

PC Board

With resin-coated PC board and on-board memory chip that stores the error code history maintenance and troubleshooting are very easy to do.

Condensing technology

Noritz condensing water heaters are performing so well because of its advanced design. Condensing units feature a dual heat exchanger that combines stainless steel and copper heat exchanger.

The stainless steel component is designed to use the residual heat from the exhaust gases to preheat the incoming water before it runs through the main copper heat exchanger. The result is a significant reduction of carbon dioxide and the increase of the heater's efficiency to over 93%.

New 2009 models; N-0841MC (NCC199) and N-0842MC (new NRC111) are the only available condensing water heaters. 

Also, check Noritz vs.Takagi vs. Rinnai comparison.

Noritz Models and Benefits

  • Noritz is the first company in the world that offers ASME certified commercial tankless water heaters, and meet rigorous standards for quality and health safety.

  • Stainless steel casing on ASME commercial accredited units

  • They offer models with the highest flow rates available

  • Largest multi-system available where up to 24 units can be linked to work together, with a capacity of up to 316.8 GPM and single system controller.

  • Water heater production uses a system based on Toyota's TPS style quality control.

  • Almost all the main components are manufactured and controlled by Noritz. No outsourcing!

Many tankless units available... which one is for you?

There are several models available for residential use, where the unit with the 5.3 gallons per minute capacity is the smallest and with the 11.1 GPM is the largest. All units provide a warranty of 12 years on heat exchanger, 5 years on main parts and 1 year on labor.

Noritz water heater N-0931M (NR111-SV) is the best for larger homes as it can supply up to 4+ showers and even large size bath tubs simultaneously.

N-0842 (NRC111) models are the most efficient of all Noritz water heater models, with terrific 0.91/0.92 energy factor for natural gas and 0.93/0.94 EF for LP.

Noritz NRC661 is another condensing unit that supplies enough hot water for 2-3 people and can also be used in home heating.

Series N-0751 (NR98) with a maximum of 9.8 gallons per of water flow, they supply three bath homes. Installation is flexible as they are power-vented.

N-0631S (NR71) series are ideal for smaller sized homes with up to 3 showers with a capacity from min. 0.5 to 7.1 gal/min.

The smallest Noritz water heater models are from series N-0531S (NR66) and NR50 series, great for 1-2 condominiums and apartments and still be able to meet high efficiency criteria for government tax rebates.

Review of the Noritz NRCP series, the Eco TOUGH series that includes two models NRCP1112 and NRCP982 utilizing superior features such as the built-in recirculation pumps...

Noritz NRC711 tankless water heaters are high efficiency and fully condensing home appliances...

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