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Takagi water heater is the first tankless water heating unit that entered the North American market. Find the review of popular Takagi tankless models T-K2, T-KJr and T-H2, its advantages and features.

About Takagi Company

Takagi Industrial Co. is the reputable manufacturer from Japan that designs and manufactures tankless water heaters from 1952. Since then Takagi manufacturer has been constantly introducing amazing features and models; including the automatic gas control valve system, computer modulating gas valve and safety system, "direct vent convertible" heater, a unique safety device that utilizes the air-fuel ratio rod, great 95% thermal efficiency rating (T-H1 model), T-M1 as the first multi-gas water heater system for the industrial applications, and much more.

Today, Takagi water heater manufacturer has offices in Japan, US and Canada and to buy one of the Takagi models you can contact exclusive dealers or buy online.

For the last 15 and more years, Takagi USA has been providing to the American consumers the latest technology implemented in Takagi tankless water heaters, from several offices; California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, Pennsylvania, Canada and many plumbers and technicians for technical support.

Model review

Takagi Company offers gas-fired tankless models for residential and commercial applications, from low demand applications like small offices or condos to the large homes with multiple baths and for industrial usage.

The most popular Takagi tankless water heater is T-K3, and for the lower demand homes, Takagi Jr is the perfect fit.

Takagi T-KJr and T-Jr2

takagi tkjr

Takagi T-KJr and new T-KJr2 series are the smallest tankless water heaters that are designed for light residential applications such as the small home or condo with one bath and dishwasher, for example. T-KJr and T-KJr2 models are available with the indoor, direct vent or outdoor configuration but with no Easy-Link system, a system that manifolds up to four units into one.

With the maximum gas input of 140,000 Btu/hr, Takagi T-KJr and T-KJr2 can provide a maximum hot water flow of 6.6 gpm in the warmer areas and even support radiant floor heating applications. The highest energy factor, EF, is 0.83.

Takagi T-K3 models

takagi tk3

Takagi T-K3 is the Energy Star unit and the most popular Takagi model, designed for the mid size homes with up to five family members, where two showers and a sink can operate simultaneously.

Takagi water heater T-K3 is small but powerful and at the same time the most versatile unit. It offers an option to connect up to four units into one system without the use of a control unit. TK3 model can be installed indoor and outdoor and is convertible into direct vent.

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Takagi T-K4 models

t-k4 indoor model

Takagi tankless T-K4 are Energy efficient water heaters, powered by natural gas and propane gas. The high water flow of 8 gallons per minute makes them a good fit for high demanding homes.

Flexible venting allows the outdoor or indoor installation where the direct venting can be used for spot penetration through the outside wall.

Takagi T-H2 models

takagi th2

Takagi water heater T-H2 is the high efficiency unit, advertised as "green" water heater and designed as the direct vent indoor model T-H2-DV and outdoor T-H2-OS.

T-H2 is the powerful unit that utilizes two heat exchangers that help the unit to provide an amazing 95% in thermal efficiency, and it can be used in residential and commercial water heating. Both units are Energy Star that can use the Easy-Link option.

Takagi T-M32 model

takagi tm32

Takagi T-M32 model with its commercial grade components is used for heavy-duty commercial applications. The T-M32 was designed to use both Easy-Linked and Multi-Linked system to meet high water flow demands.

If it is used as the single unit it provides maximum of 9 gpm of hot water. It can be installed inside and outside and with the direct vent option.

Takagi T-M50 model

takagi tm50

T-M50 model with the 380,000 BTU/hr, and up to 14.5 gpm is the largest and the most powerful from all Takagi water heaters.

This is the commercial unit that can use Easy-Link system to connect up to four units into one system or if using the Multi-Link system up to 10.


Takagi water heater is in general high efficiency unit. All the models, from the smallest T-KJr to the largest T-M50 have the energy efficiency from 0.81 to 0.94, are environment friendly, use less energy, meet or exceed the Low NOx standards SCAQMD and preserves the natural resources by using 95% recyclable materials.

Takagi water heater like other tankless appliances provides on demand and endless supply of hot water, and with the sophisticate features allows the steady flow of hot water without too much fluctuation.

Takagi manufacturer is the only manufacturer that offers Direct Vent convertible units.

Takagi water heater uses different features to protect the unit, like flame sensor, air control, hi-limit switch, thermistors, overheat sensor and multiple ceramic heaters to prevent the unit from freezing when the surrounding temperature drops too low.

Takagi uses the small computer for the proper unit operation and to maximize the efficiency and reduce the emission of carbon monoxide. This computer monitors and adjusts the air/fuel ratio and therefore, the quality of the gas combustion. LED error code is used for troubleshooting.


Takagi water heaters are designed to work with a minimum water flow of 0.75 gallons per minute (model T-K3 requires 0.50 GPM) to initiate the gas burner.

Takagi tankless models offer different temperature settings and if you need a hot water temperature other than the pre-set you should buy the TM-RE10 temperature controller.

All Takagi tankless water heaters are using the standard 3/4" NPT water and gas connections. Electronic ignition is the standard feature.


The warranty on Takagi water heater heat exchanger is 10 years and five years on all other parts. Commercial warranties are three years on the heat exchanger and the parts.

Some Takagi water heaters qualify for up to a $1,500 income-tax credit as they are Energy Star qualified. Commercial water heaters are even tested to work in the heavy-duty environment; they go through the durability test in the Wind and Rain Testing Facility.

For users who are requesting high hot water demand, Takagi manufacturer provides an Easy-Link option for the larger residential applications to manifold up to four tankless water heaters and for commercial application Takagi recommends the Multi-unit system so even more water heaters can work together.

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