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Rheem error Code 13 Solution

Kudos to the Rheem technician (800-­432-­8373) for pointing me in the right direction. After 1 year of flawless operation we began experiencing sporadic

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Leaking tank on Richmond

We had a Richmond model # 6G40-32PF3, manufacture date 17 May 2017 installed by a plummer on May 28, 2016. On September 1, 2017 we noticed water on the

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Hot water issue with a solar tank

does calcium inside a solar hot water tank cause a reduction in hot water production when the tank is being heated during the night by the electric heating

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Question the reliability of your Bradford White gas water heater??

Had Bradford White gas water heater installed w/new house in 2007. After 6 yrs(2013) water heater developed a leak, had it replaced (paid labor charge

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I had a brand new Bradford White HydroJet (WV8840A1000) installed 6 years ago and have had nothing but problems. Today I woke up to my third water leak


Rheem is the worst water heater we ever had

We bought a Rheem water heater model no. 42VR50-40F about three (3) years ago and every summer when the weather gets hot the pilot keeps going off almost

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State water heater broke down in 1 year

State water heater with 10 year warranty broke down (valve fault) after just 1 year and 1 day. State customer service sucks and they do not pay for shipping

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Bradford White - 6 year warranty - MY AUNT FANNY

So three years ago, I purchased a Bradford White water heater. I chose this brand because I thought they stood by their products and their warranty....BOY

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Rinnai tankless - Code 11... solved

I have had a Rinnai R75LS tankless water heater for 9 years. I have not had a single problem with it. Yesterday it read a code 11, went to online manual

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If you are thinking getting a tankless water heater think about it. It can take up to 75 seconds to get hot water, if you do not have a recirculation loop

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