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John Wood gas water heater

Detail review of the popular John Wood water heaters. Explore the storage tank and tankless heaters powered by electric, gas and solar energy.

Find out how John Wood Company can meet all your needs for hot water and help you save money.

Selecting the right water heater type

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Tankless

John Wood gas-powered water heaters

Most of the gas-powered water heaters from John Wood are equipped with the industry standard Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant technology or short FVIR. The FVIR safety system is known as the Flame Guard system in Atmospheric vent models, Flame Safe found in direct vent models and Superflue used in Power vent units.

All these systems are designed to shut down the heater if the flammable vapors from paint, chemicals, and solvents are detected inside the combustion chamber, protecting the users and a home.

John Wood has a great selection of gas-powered models, which includes the atmospheric vented, direct, power and direct vent type and the most efficient gas model, Polaris.

Atmospheric Vent

Gas water heaters with the atmospheric venting are designed as the natural gas and propane or LP powered, both using the chimney to move the products of combustion out, and surrounding air for combustion. The main features are the gas valve, capable to diagnose the problem, enhance the performance and safety, thermopile that can withstand different weather conditions and Turbulator, specially designed dip tube used to help in reducing the sediment build-up.

Atmospheric-vented heaters come in two groups, Energy Star compliant 40 and 50-gallon models with the energy factor of over 0.67, and the group that is not Energy Star compliant but offers more models, which goes from 19 to 75 gallons.

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Power Vent

John Wood water heaters with the power venting are also designed as the high-efficiency units that utilize the advanced features built for professionals and tanks with the large capacity, with and without condensing technology. Check the review here.

Power Direct Vent

Power direct vent water heaters are Energy Star qualified that are using the outside air for combustion and ultra-quiet blower for removing the gases out. John Wood offers two popular sizes; 40 and 50-gallon and the venting pipe can be as 100 ft. long, and run either through the roof or outside wall.

The best power direct model from John Wood is the 50-gal Envirosense that comes with the ultra-efficiency of 96%. High efficiency is the result of the advanced design; helical condensing heat exchanger, power direct venting and advanced electronics. Extremely high energy factor means less energy loss and more savings for you.

Direct Vent

The greatest advantage of the direct-vented water heaters from John Wood is not only the thermopile or the advanced gas valve with diagnostic capabilities but the reason that the external power supply is not required. This type is mainly installed close to the external wall with the horizontal termination. Read more...


The best models from John Wood are coming from the high-efficiency Polaris group. Polaris advantage over other models is that it utilizes the submerged combustion chamber and spiral flue, resulting in 95-96% thermal efficiency and ultra-low NOx emission. This is a condensing unit, which can be used for both potable water and space heating.


Electric water heaters from John Wood are found in two groups; conventional, tall size with the tank size from 50 to 80 gallons, and "Space Saver".

The last group is the group that contains only water heaters with the lower capacities; from 2.5 to 19 gallons, and Lowboy up to 46 gallons, designed for homes with the limited space, apartments, cottages, offices, mobile homes...

Oil Fired Water Heaters

John Wood oil-powered water heaters come with the common mounting design so it can fit many types of oil burners and specially design combustion chamber that maximizes the heat transfer and reduces the energy loss. Models with the 32 and 50 gallons are the only two sizes available for use in heating the home space and residential water.


John Wood tankless water heaters are using the technology from the well-known and reputable manufacturer, Takagi. The tankless design allows an endless hot water delivery, in continuous supply, not only for one but multiple fixtures, simultaneously.

These heaters heat water instantaneously and due to the tankless design, they provide hot water on demand. The best models are ultra efficient and Energy Star approved and are also known as condensing water heaters.

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