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AO Smith water heaters review helps you find the best models from this, one of the biggest US manufacturer of HVAC equippment. Search, review and select Conservationist, Effex, Voltex, Promax, Vertex, Next, electric- or gas-powered, tank or tankless.

When searching for AO Smith hot water heaters you will notice that there is a comprehensive selection of residential gas and electric models with great features and high quality.

There are models for every household; affordable, efficient, durable budget-friendly and expensive, small and big, Eco-friendly and "green".

This is what you will find in our review about AO Smith water heaters:

About AO Smith water heaters manufacturer

We will introduce you a company that is a leader in water heating industry, AO Smith Water Heating Company and their popular AO Smith water heaters. A O Smith is in the heating business for almost 70 years, and it is well known for the quality and innovation in energy efficiency and tank protection, such as a glass lining.

Glass lining is the A.O. Smith patented process, designed many years ago to protect water tank heaters from corrosion; it is now a standard in the water heating industry.

A.O. Smith is the owner of several popular brands of hot water heaters that you probably had a chance to see or read about:

  • Reliance
  • Maytag
  • GSW

Advanced Features

  • AO Smith manufacturer, as a leader in innovation and energy saving models, designs, builds, distributes and field supports an entire line of residential and commercial water heaters and boilers.
  • AO Smith developed the first glass-coated corrosion protection. The PermaGlas coating process is one of the most efficient and long lasting corrosion protections in the hot water heating industry.
  • Blue Diamond, glass coating is their latest invention in corrosion protection for water tank heaters.
  • Cathodic protection, CoreGard, protects the internal surface of water tank heaters from corrosion.
  • DynaClean is the automatic sediment cleaning system that helps in reducing sediments accumulated from the hard water.
  • Green Choice is the eco-friendly burner designed to reduce greenhouse gases by up to 33%.
  • AO Smith water heaters meet a standard, "Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant" that deals with the accidental ignition of flammable vapor outside the water heater.
  • Flame arrestor, made from Corderite, fireproof material is there to distribute the air evenly to the gas burner and keeps the flame in the combustion chamber.
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Residential Electric Models

High efficiency water heaters are becoming more and more popular these days. And AO Smith is well known for their energy efficient products. They provide maximum energy savings, great power output and they are on the government list for energy tax incentives, credits and rebates.

Conservationist Series

The most popular electric and energy efficient model of all AO Smith water heater is Conservationist.

Unique for Conservationist are the heating elements, designed to last three times longer than standard elements.

Promax Series

The ProMax electric heater is another group of superior electric models. They provide excellent energy savings and durability. Excellent example is 80-gallon A.O. Smith ECRT-80 ProMax Plus High Efficiency.

This model offers DynaClean dip tube that reduces lime and sediment buildup, Coregard aluminum anode to protect metal tank from corrosion, high efficient 2.5" foam insulation, 0.93 EF and first hour rating of 87 gal. Great unit.

There are four models in ProMax group:

  • ProMax
  • ProMax Plus High Efficiency
  • ProMax Specialty
  • ProMax Sun-80 and Sun-120

Mobile Home WH Series

These water heaters are designed to fit narrow spaces and places with the limited height spaces in manufactured and mobile homes.

Residential Gas models

There is also a great selection of gas water heaters for almost any home.

You can find various storage tank water heaters, energy efficient, tankless, hybrid, manufactured home WHs...

Vertex Series

ao smith water heaters gas

Power-vent AO Smith GPHE-50 Vertex and power-direct vent AO Smith GDHE-50-NG Vertex 100 are the most popular gas water heaters from this manufacturer.

With the thermal efficiency of up to 96%, Vertex models provide an excellent performance even if your home has the high hot water demand.

They are in a price range from $1500 to $2000 and they qualify for the Federal Tax Credit.

Conservationist Series

Conservationist is probably the best known model among AO Smith water heaters, and is found in both electric- and gas-powered groups. Not only that it provides maximum energy savings, but with DynaClean sediment protection and Blue Diamond glass coating is one of the most reliable and durable group.

Promax Series

ProMax gas water heaters are a family of Promax High Efficiency, Specialty Vent and Promax High Recovery models, durable and reliable models that provide a hot water heating solution for high demand homes and large families.

High Efficiency Flue Damper Series

This is the series of the standard tank type heaters with the automatic flue damper which reduces the standby heat loss and meets the latest Energy Star requirements where the minimal value of EF is 0.67.

Effex Series

AO Smith water heaters from Effex series are among the most energy efficient standard gas-powered models, that are using the patented air intake system for the high 0.7 energy factor and Energy Star compliance. You can find the detail review here.

Tankless Series

ao smith 305-505 indoor water heater

On demand AO Smith gas water heaters with its compact and sleek design, are not only for point of use applications, like add-on bathrooms, tubs and small vacation homes, but for the whole house water heating as well.

All tankless models are available for natural gas and propane usage, with an indoor, direct vent and outdoor installation options. The latest addition to the tankless series includes the condensing models.

And if you have any problem... the majority of water heater parts is replaceable and easy to repair. Our recommendation is, if you experience any problems with your hot water heating system, contact one of the certified technicians; they are experts in troubleshooting the problem, doing repairs and other services.

Hybrid series

Hybrid water heaters are something new in the water heating industry. AO Smith has two models for heating potable water; NEXT gas hybrid and Voltex an electric hybrid.

NEXT water heater combines two technologies, tankless and tank-type in one system. The new hybrid design utilizes the best features of both which results in on demand water heating with less "cold water sandwiches", high energy efficiency and increased performance. Use this review to find out more about AO Smith NEXT.

Voltex combines electric and heat pump technologies which results in getting the water heater that is Energy Star compliant, or the unit with the extremely high energy factor. You can read about Voltex review here.

Solar series

AO Smith water heaters are also using free solar energy through the Cirrex system, a complete system that includes solar panels and solar tanks equipped with the heat exchanger for heating potable water. The Cirrex system consist of one, two or three collectors and storage tanks with the capacity from 76 to 119 gallons, or a total of 16 configurations.

For the closed loop solar water heating systems there are SUNX an indirect and SUN a direct solar booster tanks with capacities from 65 to 120 gallons, which are used as the hot water storage. For more information and manuals use an official AO Smith site.

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