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Review of Electric, Gas and Heat Pump Water Heaters from General Electric

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About GE Water Heater Company

Ge water heater division is part of the General Electric, the largest manufacturer of major residential appliances in the world.

GE or General Electric was founded by Thomas Edison and started with the home appliance business in 1907. Today, GE hot water heaters are one of the most trusted and recognized names in residential water heating industry in US and Canada, and most of the water heaters are designed and built by Rheem manufacturer.


There is a variety of GE water heater models available for your residential hot water heating; you can find the small point-of-use heaters, standard gas and electric, GE tankless gas water heaters and the latest in heating technology, heat pumps known as GeoSpring hybrid.

Majority of the General Electric water heaters is standard or conventional tank-type models with the decent offer of the most popular sizes like 40 and 50 gallons. Small sizes, like point-of-use is ideal for the supplemental heating.


ge electric water heater 80 gallonsStandard electric water heaters can be found from the smallest 2.5 gallon size to the large 80-gallon, and based on the size, demand and your water heating needs, they come with one or two heating elements. General Electric offers a limited warranty on its electric heaters of 6, 9 and 12 years.

GE electric water heaters are exclusively sold through the chain hardware store Home Depot, and they offer a full one year in-home labor.


ge gas model 50 gallonGE standard gas heaters are built in a range from 28-gallon units for small houses or condos to the large appliances that can supply multiple bath homes. GE gas water heaters are factory set on natural or propane gas and are using a simple pilot light ignition to lit the gas burner inside the combustion chamber. As the electric models, 6, 9 and 12 year warranty is also available for gas units, where patented SmartShield Sensor System and self-cleaning system applies only on 9 and 12-year warranty models.

Some gas tank type GE water heater models are Energy Star qualified, and these models come with the energy factor EF of 0.67 or higher. Based on the location of your heater and your preference, you can buy atmospheric or power vent unit, where power vent is found only among 40 and 50-gallon gas appliances.

Heat pumps

ge heat pumpGeoSpring hybrid heater is the electric heat pump with the energy factor 2.3, the only electric unit that is Energy Star qualified.

It is designed to provide hot water, operate similar to A/C but in reverse, and to save energy up to 62% when compare to standard heaters.


ge tanklessTankless are the new addition to General Electric appliances, used on demand, for continuous hot water flow using the tank-less technology. GE tankless water heaters are designed and used as indoor and outdoor whole house units, equipped with the latest technology, including electronic digital control, freeze protection, overheating protection...

Where to buy GE water heaters

Home Depot offers one year in-home warranty, which means that if something happens to your heater first year, any faulty part or the whole unit will be replaced, with the labor included. You can also buy GeoSpring hybrid heat pump at the mega hardware stores such as Sears and Lowe's, usually advertised as the new and revolutionary way of water heating.

Other tank-type and tankless GE water heater models are presently available only at Home Depot, where it is exclusively sold.

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