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Review of tankless gas models from Japanese manufacturer Paloma

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Paloma history

Paloma Water Heater Company is one of the leaders in gas water heating industry and a pioneer in the Japanese gas residential appliances production. They have been designing, developing and producing gas appliances from 1911, for both residential and commercial use. This review includes all Paloma tankless gas water heaters with features and benefits.

Paloma group headquarters is in Nagoya, Japan, with production and sales offices in US, Canada, Australia, China...

Paloma tankless water heaters are constructed to meet the highest level of global and local safety standards not only in Japan, but worldwide; North America, Australia...

Paloma opened the branch in US in 1973 and in 1988 acquired Rheem as the largest manufacturer of water heaters in US.

Today, Paloma water heater is available as an indoor and outdoor model powered by natural gas or propane (LP), and also design as condensing and non-condensing. Combi boilers are also available for residential space and potable water heating.

Main brands

  • Paloma water heater

  • Rheem

  • Solahart - manufacturer of solar water heaters

  • Everhot

Paloma tankless models

  • Paloma 5.3 series / PH-20

  • 6.4 series / PH2-20

  • 6.6 series / PH-25

  • 7.4 series / PH-28

  • 8.4 series / PH2-25

  • 9.5 series / PH2-28

  • High Efficiency / PHH-32
  • Legacy

Review of the models and its features is below.

Paloma features review

paloma water heater

Every Paloma water heater for an indoor installation is equipped with the following safety systems; ICAD safety system or Incomplete Combustion Avoidance Device and Overheat Limiter Film Wrap.

ICAD is sophisticate system, designed in 1977, with a purpose to monitor and optimize gas combustion and prevent dangerous carbon monoxide production by shutting the water heater down. This was the world's first device to prevent imperfect combustion.

Overheat limiter Wrap

Overheat limiter Wrap or fire protection sensor was developed in 1997, and its main role is to provide a protection against risk of fire, by surrounding the combustion chamber with a plastic film and detecting overheating around heat exchanger.

Flame Failure Protection

Flame Failure Protection is the safety system where the thermocouple is used to check the proper firing and it reacts in case of the flame-outs.

Anti-boil Protector

Anti-boil Protector is another safety element that is using a thermistor-type temperature sensor that acts when the high temperature of hot water was reached, preventing further problems by shutting off the water heater.


Paloma gas water heaters from Digital series are using digital controller for protection, kids especially, from scalding hot water. This is done by turning the Bath Controller mode ON with a maximum temperature setting of 112 F or 44 C. The moment you turn it ON it takes priority over the Main Controller.

Main Controller is also known as Kitchen Controller as it is used for the kitchen, laundry as well, and it allows higher temperature of hot water. This is why it should be installed in the kitchen for example.

One remote control is provided with the Paloma water heater, with an option to use a maximum of up to three different Paloma controllers.

To get the maximum temperature of 185 F or 85 C you have to purchase a commercial conversion kit.

Paloma tankless water heaters, like other large, well known manufacturer is producing units that are high quality, green, high efficient and with the most innovative technology available:

  • Water heaters provide an instant, on demand and endless hot water supply, with 33 higher efficiency when comparing to tank type heaters.

  • EnergyStar recognized with high efficiency performance.

  • All models pass strict emissions rules and safety.

  • Provide longer life.

  • Less waste on the landfills.

  • Less space for installation.

  • Option to use different venting systems.

  • Indoor and outdoor installation.

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Tankless Models Overview

There are two Paloma water heater series you can choose from: Legacy and Digital line.

Legacy Line

Choose Legacy gas models taking the following factors into account and if:

  • Your plumbing and heater gets the low water pressure, less than 40 psi.

  • There is no electric power, or is not reliable.

  • Atmospheric venting is the only viable option.

Use Paloma water heater from Digital series in the next scenario:

  • You need an outdoor model.

  • Looking for variety of capacities and models.

  • Your water heating system is extra large.

  • Looking for the accurate digital temperature settings.

  • Top of the line anti-scald protection.

Paloma Legacy Tankless 24-MD is a whole house water heater that is used for residential and commercial applications. 24-MD is large model, providing 264 gallons of hot water per hour, with 64 F rise (18 C), and has gas input of 178,500 BTU/hr.

Legacy PH24-M, PH12-M and PH6 can be installed indoor only, with the atmospherically B-type venting option.

Digital Series

Every Paloma water heater from Digital series are designed for the whole house applications in several different sizes and gas inputs (BTUs).

5.3 series / PH-20

The smallest unit, 5.3 series, provides 5.3 gallons of hot water per minute, or 223 gallons for one hour bath and the rise of 64 degrees F.

With a maximum gas input of 145,000 BTU/hr these units are ideal for small residential homes or condos with 1-2 baths.

Find more about performance and benefits of the Paloma 5.3 series tankless water heater here.

6.6 series / PH2-20

6.6 series, with a 180,000 BTU/hr provides maximum of 8.4 gallons per minute, or up to 278 gallons per hour (64 F rise). This model can use both natural gas and propane for its outdoor or direct vent installation. More about Paloma tankless 6.6 here.

7.4 series / PH-28

For medium size homes, high-volume Paloma water heater from 7.4 series is the right pick, as it provides 314 gallons of hot water per hour. Its gas input of 199,900 BTU, which is good enough to heat up to 3 showers simultaneously. 7.4 series is a good choice as it provides great flexibility due to an outdoor and indoor installation options.

8.4 series / PH2-25

Paloma tankless water heaters from 8.4 series / PH2-25 series are good for homes, with maximum three showers and located in summer regions. Both indoor and outdoor model are providing up to 180,000 Btu and thermal efficiency of 84%.

9.5 series / PH2-28

The maximum gas input of 199,900 Btu makes 9.5 series great for larger homes where it can be combined with up to 20 units for more hot water.

HE / PHH-32

This is the high efficiency water heater that is capable of heating up to four baths simultaneously. Its max. gas input of 199,900 Btu provides high energy factor of 0.94 making it ultra efficient. As opposed to non-condensing models, PHH-32 can use the cheap PVC pipe for venting.

paloma digital controller

All the above Digital models are able to use digital main controller, with a temperature setting up to 140 F (60 C), while for commercial use it can be set to 180 F (82 C).

To avoid scalding water use Paloma Bath Controller.

For venting, Digital water heaters, direct models are using Category III stainless steel pipes concentric or two-pipe system, while for outdoor installation there is no requirement regarding venting pipes.

Paloma provides 12-year residential limited warranty on heat exchanger and 5 years on most parts for Digital tankless, and 5/3 years for Legacy. For more info about the models, manuals and technical support visit Paloma official website.

Benefits and Safety

Paloma water heater has a nice and sleek look that is, thanks to the space saving design, constructed for wall installation. These wall mounted gas units are built from high class materials, including stainless steel burners on Legacy, corrosion-resistant copper heat exchanger and combustion chamber. Most of the parts are very easy to replace making the unit easy to maintain and keep the performance high.

These tankless or on demand units are using an intelligent technology with self-diagnostic system and error display which helps in troubleshooting.

Paloma water heater is also green, since it is using an innovative technology for significant reduction in NOx and greenhouses gases.

All digital models are equipped with DUOnex Systems that allows heaters to gain even more power, enhance performance and provide more hot water for your shower. You can run two Paloma water heaters by connecting them with the cable and switching to DUO mode.

Paloma tankless water heaters are equipped with a Freeze Protection that is ideal for users living in the areas with severe weather.

Paloma 5.3 models are protected to -20 F (-29 C); 6.6 and 7.4 series have electrical heating elements that will protect the unit to minus 30 F (-34), as long as the electric power is provided. Legacy line PH-24 has the ability to install an accessory kit and add -4 F (-20 C) to freezing protection.

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