American Water Heaters Review and Buying Tips

We search and review American water heaters from Polaris, Proline and Standard series, including the tank and tankless, gas and electric models, so you can select the best unit for your residential water heating use.

As the company offers an extensive line of residential and commercial models, our review will cover majority of the popular models with the pictures, advanced features and technical data. The American heaters are designed for variety of applications, home types and homeowners; from budget-friendly and energy efficient models to the models with ultra-high condensing and green technology.

The American water heaters are grouped into several categories and the links below will allow easy navigation through the model reviews:

About American Water Heater Company

American water heaters company with manufacturing, R&D and corporate offices is located in Johnson City in Tennessee, US. The company offers models for residential and commercial applications, using natural gas, propane, and electricity, all made in America.

Several American water heaters are high-efficient and therefore, Energy Star awarded and also suitable for earth-friendly installations - LEED recognized. LEED is short of Leadership in Energy and Environment Design, and American hot water heaters meet their requirements for installation in high performance and energy efficient "green" buildings.

Model Reviews

American electric model reviews

The American Company offers a wide selection of electric models with a variety of sizes; from 2.5-gallon Tiny Titan model to 119-gallon Standard tank type, including ultra-efficient heat pumps.

High efficiency

American electric water heater

There are four models of the American electric water heaters that are built for the high-efficiency water heating. They cover popular sizes of 40 and 50 gallons for the family of four to five, but also include larger sizes such as 66-gal and 80-gal, for the larger homes. Due to the 3-inch thick foam insulation and built-in heat traps, energy efficiency can reach high 95% for additional savings. All models are designed with the diffuser dip tube so self-cleaning reduces the sediment built-up.

The metal tank is protected from the aggressive water condition and corrosion by using the heavy-duty anode rod and fused strong ceramic shield. All these quality elements allow longer heater life so the manufacturer can provide a long 10-year warranty.


Lowboy water heaters are found in four sizes; 19, 30, 40 and 50 gallons, designed for heating potable water in homes that lack in space.

Lowboy models are short in size with an average height of 31" or 790 mm, giving them a great advantage over high-end models when installation requires small and confined space.


Standard series is the most versatile group, designed to meet a demand for hot water from smaller to larger homes and family sizes.

All the models are standard in height (tall); 30-gallon tank size is the smallest unit you can buy while the 119-gallon tank is the largest. Limited warranty is available for all units and the American heating company offers 6, 9 and 12 years.

Read the review of Standard series.

Manufactured homes

If you own a mobile home or live in manufactured housing, you can select one of the three models; 28, 30 or 40 gallons’ tank size.


Utility heaters are for point of use application, for remote sinks or baths and for low hot water needs. There are 3 available models with 6, 12 and 20-gallon capacity.

American Water Heater Company also produces models for special applications. If you have a solar heating system you can combine it with 80 and 119 gallons solar-electrical water tank using factory installed solar circulation connections.

Tiny Titan

For the remote sinks, garage or offices, 2.5 gallons Tiny Titan, as the smallest unit, can ideally meet your needs for hot water. 

On the other hand, if there is no designated room for any of the freestanding units, one of the options is to use a tabletop electric water heater in your kitchen, and take the advantage of the extra countertop space.

Heat pumps

American heat pumps utilize an advanced hybrid technology that is as twice as efficient as the standard electric water heaters. These are the Energy Star appliances that offer great savings and many benefits to its owners.

How to choose the right electric-type size

When searching for the right electric water heater from the American company, keep in mind the next: if your family size is from 3-4 with a regular to low demand, the most used tank size is 50-gallon capacity. If your family is consisted of over five family members, you should consider models from 80 to 120 gallons to meet high demanding applications.

The above recommendation is calculated with the assumption that a person needs 3 gallons per minute for the shower. Another factor you should consider is the recovery rate; higher better.

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American gas model reviews

American gas water heater

American water heaters from the gas-powered and tank-type group are designed from 30-gallon capacity from Proline Flame Guard series to 100-gallon sizes from Polaris high-efficiency group. Several of the most common 40 and 50-gallon sizes are Energy Star qualified.

Direct vent 

American water heaters from the direct vent and Proline series come in two sizes, 40 and 50 gallons and with the flexible vent installation options such as; vertical through the roof and horizontal through the outside wall. The air for combustion is drawn from the outside thanks to the heater's enclosed combustion chamber.

Both sizes have a 6-year warranty.


Ultra High Recovery Proline comes with the highest tank size available, 75 and 100 gallons, and Ultra Low NOx with 30, 40 and 50-gal. capacity, with one and two-inch insulation for reducing a heat loss.

These models are recommended for homeowners that require high hot water recovery where the new burner system burns gas with the lower emission than the standard type.

Flame Guard

With seven models to choose from, American water heaters from Proline Flame Guard series offer 30, 40 and 50-gallon tank sizes with warranties of 6, 9 and 12 years.

These models use the single-pipe vent to remove products of combustion and inside air for gas combustion.

Flame Guard models are equipped with the intelligent control logic system and self-powered gas control valve with the diagnostic system.

High Efficiency

The American High-Efficiency gas water heater is coming from the group of high-efficient and atmospheric heaters that are Energy Star compliant and deliver 0.70 energy factor.

Both 40- and 50-gal models are designed with the unique, patented air intake system pressurized combustion chamber, powered anode rod, advanced electronics and user-friendly features.

Mobile Home

For mobile / manufactured housing you can install 30 and 40-gallon atmospheric type heaters and 40-gal. Proline sealed combustion water heater with the through-the-roof vent system.


American tankless water heater

If you prefer using on-demand and endless hot water without worrying how much water is left in the tank, the right solution for your home is the tankless technology.

American tankless water heater is a small, reliable and long lasting unit with the high performance and much better energy efficiency than a tank unit.


Popular Polaris water heaters are high-efficiency models with over 95% thermal efficiency, built in two sizes; 34 and 50-gallon enough to supply middle size homes and provide space heating as well.

These superb stainless steel tank heaters are very durable and have the ultra-low gas emission. Read more about Polaris here.


American hot water heaters from PowerFlex series consists of power direct vent heaters with 40 and 50-gal. tanks and venting options through the roof or outside wall; 75-gal. unit power vented through the wall; and 40 and 50-gall power vent models that are Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant compliant.

High Efficiency and Energy Star model reviews

High efficiency and Energy Star water heaters are an ideal solution for the homeowners, as they bring energy and money savings and also contribute to the friendlier environment by reducing the carbon dioxide emissions.

Here is the list of the Energy Star models, which covers some gas powered tank type models, all gas tankless and from the electrically powered tanks only heat pumps - hybrids:

Atmospheric Vent Models:

  • PCG62-40T40-3NOV
  • PCG62-50T40-3NOV

Power Vent:

  • PVG62-40T42-NV
  • PVG62-50T42-NV
  • PVG62-50T60-NV

Power Direct Vent:

  • PDVG62-40T42-NV
  • PDVG62-40T42-NV
  • PDVG62-50T60-NV

Hybrid Heat Pump Models:

  • HPE102-60-H045DV
  • HPE102-80-H045DV

How to choose the right gas-type size

When searching for the best American gas water heater, keep in mind next: if your family size is up to five members with a regular to low demand, the most used tank size is a 50-gallon gas unit. If there is a need for high hot water supply for over 3 members of the family, you should consider models with the tank over 50 gallons’ capacity. Gas pipeline and vent size should be designed according to the heater BTU input.

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