Baxi Boilers Review

A review of Baxi boilers used for space and potable water heating. Comparison of system, combi and heat-only boilers, features and specs of the most advanced models in UK.

Baxi boilers manufacturer is the UK based company that is part of BDR Thermea (based in Netherlands), and is one of the most popular brands in Europe, especially in UK, Holland, Spain and Italy. Baxi offers a decent number of high performing combi and conventional gas-powered boilers, including heat only type, all small in size and with the compact, wall-mount and space saving design. All the models are fan-assisted for a safe operation and utilize condensing technology for an increased efficiency.

Even small in size, Baxi high efficient boilers are able to generate less or more power covering from small to large homes. Small size (for example Baxi Duo-tec models comes in size of 780 x 450 x 345mm) allows easy handling and wall-mount installation.

Baxi combi boilers

Baxi EcoblueBaxi combi or combination boilers are the most popular type due to its versatility; delivering hot water not only for showers or dishes, but also for central heating.

As opposed to the heat-only boilers, combi and system boilers have the expansion tank and circulation pump already built-in, which makes the installation quicker. Combi boilers generate hot water on demand and do not require water tank or a cylinder.

Combi boilers from Baxi are available in several groups all considered as high efficiency;

  • EcoBlue Advance Combi
  • Platinum
  • EcoBlue + Combi
  • Baxi Duo-tec
  • MainEco Combi

Baxi EcoBlue Advance and Baxi Platinum series come with the capacities ranging from 24kW to 40kW, where the maximum water flow rate is in the range from 10 litres per minute to 16.4 l/min, which guarantees enough hot water from smaller to mid-sized homes. Both groups come with the longest warranty Baxi offers, 10 years.

The Baxi EcoBlue Advance is more advanced; it has the higher efficiency (max. 90% vs. max. 84% on Platinum), it's advanced control panel consists of the control touch buttons, big LCD display, while the Platinum group uses the selector knobs with the smaller and simpler LCD display and LED status lights. The Platinum models are quieter when comparing the sound levels and also include the 24-hr mechanical timer as a standard equipment, while it is optional on the Advance models.

The EcoBlue + Combi is available in three models,where the 33kW is the most powerful, providing up to 13.5 l/min of hot water, in domestic hot water heating mode. Baxi Due-tec series also includes one large 40kW model on natural gas, and one 28kW model that operates on propane gas. The warranty of both groups is 7 years, which is shorter than the warranty found on the Advance series.

Every combi boiler has the boiler controls hidden under the front lid allowing to turn the unit ON or OFF, control the heating mode, adjust the water temperature, show the information (i.e. status, temperature, error code) on the small display, visually check the pressure on pressure gauge and install the mechanical or digital timer in the empty slot (standard on Platinum models).

The Baxi MainEco Combi is a group of 3 models with the largest unit of 35kw, all designed simple, but efficient, where the most powerful unit is capable of providing hot water with the maximum water flow rate of 14.5l/min. The warranty of 3 years makes it the shortest of all combi units.

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Baxi system boilers

Baxi boilers are also designed for combined hot water production and space heating utilizing the hot water cylinders. These are known as the Baxi system boilers, and as the combi type, expansion tank and the circulation pump are factory built-in.

There are several models available:

  • EcoBlue System
  • MainEco System
  • Megaflow System

The EcoBlue series comes in six different sizes, from the lowest 12kw to the highest 32kW, suited from small to large houses. All models come with the warranty of 5 years. This is also the most advance and efficient boiler in this group.

The MainEco series of Baxi system boilers has the shortest warranty of 3 years and are available in two capacities of 18 and 24kW, both suitable for homes that lack in space. As opposed to the previous model,which is equipped with the durable stainless steel heat exchanger, the MainEco series utilize the lightweight aluminum heat exchanger, which is also resistant to corrosion.

The Megaflow series is used in larger homes with the high hot water demand. It comes in 5 models, where the largest one is 32kW, and the warranty is the longest of all previous categories, 7 years. As the MainEco series, the control knobs are there for temperature adjustment, also a small display with the LED diagnostic indicators.

Baxi heat only

The smallest and lightest group of Baxi boilers are the EcoBlue Heat, Advance Heat and MainEco Heat series, all designed for potable water heating only. These are coupled with the conventional or solar thermal hot water cylinders and cold water storage tanks, providing sufficient hot water even for large homes with multiple bathrooms.

The EcoBlue Heat and the Advance Heat are comprised of 5 sizes each; from 12 to 24kw, and from 13 to 30kW, while the MainEco has 3 models from 15kw to 24kW.

These units do not have the pump and expansion vessel, and the heat exchanger is made of lightweight aluminum. These units save lots of energy due to its high efficiency and are suitable for indoor installation as the noise level is very low. The EcoBlue Heat models carry the warranty of 2 years while the Advance Heat models have longer warranty of 5 years. Another difference is the option to install a top or rear flue for the Advance Heat group while the EcoBlue group has the top central flue option only. Both have a simple rotary button at the bottom for temperature adjustment and indicator LED lights for the operating status and fault diagnosis.

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