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Don't buy Rinnai

My Rinnai sucks,Unit had to be placed far from the kitchen and bathroom due to severe limitations for venting etc. Now it takes forever to get hot water.

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Bradford White Heat Pump Review AeroTherm Series

Review of the Bradford White heat pump AeroTherm. The AeroTherm is the new product from Bradford White manufacturer that is designed with the capacity of 50 gallons.

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HTP Water Heater Line

Hi Zeljko, Here is a study done a few years ago by PG&E in California that compared a number of high performance water heaters:

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error code 10 on Rinnai

Rinnal r75ls was installed in our home 6 years ago. started giving error code 10. Bought a new 75RS because this should have been easier. But no Rinnai

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US Craftmaster Electric Water Heaters Review

US Craftmaster electric water heaters; review of the types, models, features and best models including ultra-efficient and Energy Star.

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Rinnai tankless - Make sure your switches are set correctly (Code 10)

I have had a Rinnai tankless waterheater for 3 years in a vacation home (yes I said 3 years) and after 3 years of random code 10 errors and cold showers,innumerable

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Richmond FVIR

2002--replaced standard water heater with power vent water heater. Quit working in 2014. Purchased Richmond FVIR Certified in April of 2014. June 2015

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US Craftmaster Gas Water Heaters Review

Explore the best of US Craftmaster gas water heaters that are Energy Star compliant, have the longest warranty, high recovery rate and First Hour Rating, and utilize either power vent, direct or atmospheric vent.

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I am on my second Bradford White gas water and the second one is no better than the first. My plumber tried to tell me that the wind might be the problem!

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Failed after 2.5 years.

Our BW hot water heater failed after a couple of years. BW refused to help in any way. Do NOT use if you have a water softener and/or calcium chloride

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Bradford-White Piece of Junk

On Dec 23, 2009, we had a Bradford White gas water heater installed. It failed slight more than 2 years later. Cost $270 for installation. Then two years

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ON 4/03/09 I replaced my last RUUD hot water heater with a new Pacemaker model PH2-50-36PF, SN RULP0309407297, MANF DATE 03/2009. Since then I had the


AO Smith 50 gal gas water heater

My current AO Smith water heater has failed - it sent a shower of water into my garage this morning. It was installed on 1/20/2014, and failed on 7/19/2016,

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Rinnai 94ls after 6 years

We had the rinnai 94ls tankless water heater installed 6 years ago we had it professionally installed. We replaced a 40 gallon electric water heater. I

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Bosch Aquastar

I bought two Bosch Aquastar heaters from Lowes, they were installed in the roof space of my house in Texas. In 2013 Texas experienced some cold weather

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State Select...Money Pit

I have had a State Select hot water heater for less than 5 years and already have had it repaired twice and I have no hot water once again! I keep getting

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Behind the burner disk on my GE/Rheem hot water heater (NO parts place recognizes the model number) there are pieces of a stainless fitting that seems

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Small white plastic-like material in lines

We have a 40 gallon gas water heater that has worked great for many years but twice the kitchen sink has low hot water pressure and I found small white

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Rheem PV 50 Igniter Glows, no Combustion

I have a 2010 Rheem 50 gallon PV tank. (42vp50fw) and for some time, it was going in to lockout (three tries and you're out) I have: Cleaned air intake

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State Water Heaters have a short life

We are on our third State Water Heater and twice the units have burst costing us thousands of dollars in cleanup. Even though the units were still under

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