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Bradford White - 6 year warranty - MY AUNT FANNY

So three years ago, I purchased a Bradford White water heater. I chose this brand because I thought they stood by their products and their warranty....BOY

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Rinnai tankless - Code 11... solved

I have had a Rinnai R75LS tankless water heater for 9 years. I have not had a single problem with it. Yesterday it read a code 11, went to online manual

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If you are thinking getting a tankless water heater think about it. It can take up to 75 seconds to get hot water, if you do not have a recirculation loop

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Still heating water after 15 years

Hi - we are in the market for a new water heater and Bradford White is at the top of our list. Ours is a 55 gallon gas water heater that is 3 months from

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Water heater burner will not stay lit

Noticed that the hot side of our faucet was not hot enough so I went to check the water heater which was in a crawl space and found that the cold intake

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Horrible customer service,, nothing but issues with heater

I have owned my Richmond Encore heater for 2 years. For the past year now we have to constantly reset the heater. It shuts itself off on us at least 5

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Lochinvar - BAD Experience

Lochinvar sold a home owner a brand new 75 gallon power vented hot water heater. The home owner knew that natural gas would be coming to the area soon

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New water heater prototype from the lab

The next generations of residential water heaters are very likely to be based on entirely new concept. Scientific solution arrives from the American Oak Ridge National Laboratory, with promise to reduce household spending in the future.

The new water heater will be a natural gas-fired heat pump appliance. Instead of the evaporator, a vapor-permeable membrane will be incorporated in the design, making an original “semi-open sorption heat pump system” (a term first time used). The concept is simpler than traditional one, with fewer parts and non-sealed solution pump. Manufacturers may use inexpensive modern lightweight materials. Water heater is expected to be more than 100% efficient, because it utilizes energy from both the air and the gas.

Researchers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory and University of Florida have created a prototype, which combines water heating and dehumidification – another great novelty for the future.

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Green Builder Readers’ Choice label

Green Builder Media is one of the most prominent sources of information in North America about green residential building industry. If you see their label “Green Builder Readers’ Choice” on the appliance you want to buy, it means that green professionals have chosen it as the annual winner. When talking about water heating, the Green Builder Media’s annual awards “Readers’ Choice for 2016” went to Bosch tankless water heaters.

In a survey, made by well-known media company, the question was “Which company offers the greenest hot water system?”

In the answer, 21,8% of respondents have chosen Bosch (tankless). On the second place is Rheem (tankless) at 18,4%, and 12,4% of the participants rated Velux (solar) as the highest efficient.The rest of the list ranks GE (hybrid), Rinnai (tankless), Heliodyne (solar) and A.O. Smith, all above 5%.

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Bradford White Direct Vent Gas Water Heaters Review

A review of the Bradford White direct vent water heaters, used for the whole-house home water heating, and manufactured homes all run by the fuel sources such as the natural and propane gas.

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US Craftmaster Heat Pumps Review

Check out how US Craftmaster heat pumps can save up to 66% on the annual operating costs. See the available models and its top features.

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New on the market: Rheem Prestige Series hybrid electric water heater

It is the quietest unit in its class and will pay for itself in less than two years. All-new Rheem Prestige Series hybrid electric water heater, the most efficient water heater on earth as the manufacturer pointed out, pays homeowners up to $4,000 in energy costs over 10 years.

Before we get an opportunity to hear satisfied consumers, let’s see what the Atlanta based company has included in its new hybrid water heater.

The Rheem Prestige water heater is smart, meaning that when connected to to Rheem's EcoNet Smart Home System, the unit may be controlled by free smartphone application. User will receive warnings for service and maintenance, including required parts for repair. If the water is leaking, built-in detection system will also send an alert to the phone.

The Prestige hybrid water heater can be integrated in the Nest™ or Wink home automation system, too.Energy Saver and High Demand modes are included to adapt the usage to changeable consumer needs.

Compared to a standard electric water heater, energy efficiency of the new hybrid unit is 268% higher and energy use is 73% lower.

The Rheem Prestige is available in three sizes: 50, 65 and 80 gallons, with more flexibility obtained by duct-ready design and smaller footprint. It comes with 10 years tank and parts warranty.

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Great Service from GE

7 years ago I bought a GE water heater. 2 years later I had trouble keeping the pilot lit. I called tech support for help, they sent an entire burner

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New from Bosch: Hydronic Air Handler

No more furnaces with a ducted system, gas pipe, venting and fresh air in-take, the Bosch says. New Bosch Hydronic Air Handler, if you install it with Bosch Greentherm gas condensing tankless water heater, provides heating, cooling, and hot water.

Using a tankless water heater for space heating is not a new idea, but Bosch designers and engineers have made an improved solution. Their Hydronic Air Handler provides connection with Energy Star rated water heater, making system efficient for the various home sizes.

Hydronic Air Handler is connected with the home’s thermostat. When the home needs heating, the air handler will turn on integrated water pump. Water heater’s hot water will circulate through a hydronic heating coil within the air handler and warm air will be sent through the residential duct system. Hydronic air handler, with a blower inside, can also be used with A/C systems.

Hydronic Air Handler offers cleaner, more efficient solution. However, some kind of compromise must be made. Air handler works with optimal performance when hot water use is moderate. If hot water demand is high, it will be prioritized.

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No hot water

We have a Kenmore Power Miser 9 electric hot water heater. We had a power surge in the house two days ago, which apparently resulted in no hot water. We

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Water pouring out of TPR pipe

Last night my son said there wasn't any hot water. My husband turned up the thermostat on A.O.Smith gas water heater Part no. 183496-000. This morning

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We have a customer that decided on the tankless (2) systems for their new home,3Baths, washer, dishwasher, kitchen sink, & laundry tank & 3 people. They

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My AO Smith Promax water heater squeaks loudly

My AO Smith promax 75 gallon water heater was installed 5.5 years ago. I learned to live with the loud noise upon heating. However a few months ago it

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Troubleshooting Heat Pumps

A troubleshooting heat pumps guide of the most popular models in North America for residential use, and from the manufacturers; AO Smith, Bradford White, Rheem, State, Kenmore, Reliance, American...

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CES 2017 Innovation Award goes to – Bosch Greentherm 9900i SER

When the Bosch water heater Greentherm 9900i SER appears on the market in early 2017, it will already has been honored.The premium model in the new line of tankless condensing water heaters – The Bosch Greentherm 9000 Series, received CES 2017 Innovation Award for innovative design and engineering.

The prestigious CES Innovation Awards, sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), recognize achievements in product design and engineering in consumer technology products since 1976.

The applications in 28 award categories were judged by a professional jury, composed of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the trade media. CTA has honored Bosch Greentherm 9900i SER in the category “Home appliances”.

Smart high-efficient water heater Bosch Greentherm 9900i SER incorporates innovative features for ease of installation, operation and maintenance. Integrated Wi-Fi controls make it possible for users to operate the device via a smartphone or tablet. Via an app, user can switch water heater on and off, regulate water temperature or control the status of their boilers.

All awarded products will be displayed at CES 2017, a global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow, which runs January 5-8 in Las Vegas.

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Don't buy Rinnai

My Rinnai sucks,Unit had to be placed far from the kitchen and bathroom due to severe limitations for venting etc. Now it takes forever to get hot water.

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Bradford White Heat Pump Review AeroTherm Series

Review of the Bradford White heat pump AeroTherm. The AeroTherm is the new product from Bradford White manufacturer that is designed with the capacity of 50 gallons.

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HTP Water Heater Line

Hi Zeljko, Here is a study done a few years ago by PG&E in California that compared a number of high performance water heaters:

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error code 10 on Rinnai

Rinnal r75ls was installed in our home 6 years ago. started giving error code 10. Bought a new 75RS because this should have been easier. But no Rinnai

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US Craftmaster Electric Water Heaters Review

US Craftmaster electric water heaters; review of the types, models, features and best models including ultra-efficient and Energy Star.

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