Portable Hot Water Heater Review

Review of Zodi, EccoTemp and Coleman for your RV, hiking, camping

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Portable hot water heater provides the perfect solution for heating the water for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, boating, fishing, hunting, surfing, boating, cabin owners and RVing.

portable hot water heater zodiPortable water heaters are designed as tankless units offering on-demand and endless hot water supply; or tank-type which are with a limited tank-size.

If you need a hot water for camp shower, cooking, morning coffee or dishes, use the information from this article and find what the popular portable propane heaters are.

Popular portable hot water heater brands

There are a variety of small, tankless and tank-type portable water heaters using propane gas, available online or in the stores like Wallmart, Campingworld and Canadian Tire. Based on the features they offer and reviews, I have found online, here are the most popular portable propane water heaters:


If looking for the portable hot water heater from the outdoor expert, Coleman is where you should look at. The Coleman Company has been making and innovating products for recreational outdoor use, like camping and hiking, for many years.

Coleman Company, for outdoor use, offers a propane tankless water heater, Model 2300-700 that comes with the 5-gallon collapsible container, or with a continuous flow, if you buy additional accessories.


  • Easy installation.

  • Turn the dial on the heater to get the hot water temperature of 100 F in just five seconds.

  • Coleman water heater, with one 16.4 ounce propane cylinder, heats up to 40 gallons, on a single pump battery charge.


  • Variable temperature control knob to adjust the temperature from cold to the scalding hot.

  • Built-in igniter with instant on/off, and a convenient swing-out spout.

  • The pump is battery-operated. This is a rechargeable 6 volt battery that has a 40-minute run time. Battery low indicator light illuminates when the battery voltage is low.

  • Recharger cord 110V/120V and 12-volt auto recharger cord are included.

  • Maximum temperature of hot water is 160 F. Over-temp indicator light is used to signal when the maximum temperature has been exceeded.

  • The hose wraps around the heater for convenient storage.

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EccoTemp is the North American manufacturer of tankless water heaters that also offers one L5 portable hot water heater model. This 5-liter outdoor mount propane heater is using the tankless technology, specifically for the outdoor showers, when camping, RVing, hiking, boating, within the cabins...


  • EccoTemp L5 portable hot water heater is very simple to install; just hang it on the tree or your RV and use the hot water.

  • Easy to use with the automatic ignition when the water flows.

  • With the 35,000 BTU, L5 portable heater provides temperature from 80°F o 150°F and 1-1.5 gallons per minute flow rate.

  • Up to 18 hours of use on a 20 pound tank.


  • EccoTemp L5 model includes gas regulator with the hose to connect to 10 or 20 pound BBQ type propane cylinder.

  • Shower hose with ON/OFF nozzle and multiple spray pattern.

  • Shower head mount.

  • Vent shield.

  • L5 is equipped with the standard 1/2" NPT pipe fitting and the garden hose adapter.

  • Uses two D cell batteries.


Zodi specializes in the outback gear, including portable propane water heaters. These are also called instant hot-showers as they are able to produce hot water with the temperature up to 100 F, in a short time.

Zodi portable hot water heater is designed specifically for camping, RVs, hiking, boating and other outdoor activities.

From Zodi program, I will cover two the most popular and easy to use portable propane water heaters; single burner hot tap and high performance double burner heaters, with two propane tanks. Single burner hot tap is great for campers as there is an option to buy a hot shower with the soft case which expands to 4-gallon storage, making it ideal during the transport.


  • Built to last. Zodi portable water heaters are designed with a premium quality, for extra durability.

  • By placing the pump in the water, Zodi portable heaters are very easy to use. No assembly required.

  • High performance starts with the simple push ignition button.

  • Compact design, fits in rugged waterproof case. Easy to carry.

  • The above Zodi portable water heaters can heat up to 60 gallons, between battery and propane refills.


  • Powerful pump that delivers great pressure with the installed debris filter for protection against dirty water.

  • Water-tight battery case with 48" power cable and holds 4 D-cells.

  • Altitude rated regulated valve, installed on the propane tank, with the ignition push button and heat control.

  • Metal housing that carries the propane tank is built tough and durable.

  • Long shower hose and wide spray shower head.

  • Plastic storage case that protects the shower and holds 4 gallons.

Other available Zodi models are

  • Extreme SC hot shower with stainless steel construction.

  • Stove Top Pro Hot Shower that can be used with the camp stoves.

  • Hot Tap X-40, high output which contains 40,000 BTU burner.

  • Pro 70 Hot Tap, with 70,000 BTU burner is the high demand unit.

  • Pro 100, with 100,000 BTU is the largest portable hot water heater from Zodi, designed for multiple shower stations, or up to three shower heads.

Note: Keep in mind when operating portable propane water heater continuously for 20 min. the propane cylinder might freeze up.

Zodi manufacturer is the only one among the above three that offers different types of portable heaters, which are specifically designed for camping and other outdoor activities.

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