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Power Miser 9 Gas Water Heater

by Charles lukasik
(West Bend, Wisconsin, USA)

This is a review of ta Sears "Power Miser 9 Gas Water Heater:
8 years ago I purchased and installed a Sears 40 gallon natural gas water heater. This was purchased at a SEARS store, in a nearby mall- that SEARS store closed their doors 6 years ago. The water heater failed with one year of the tank warranty of 9 years remaining.

On 25 October I called the 800 469-4663 and, after over 35 minutes on hold, I was speaking with a "technical representative". I told the "technician - the water heater is leaking". I was instructed to take paper towels and place one on the water inlet and another on the how water outlet. I was asked- "are the towels wet?" I said no. Placing another towel on the over pressure valve. "Was it leaking? " I said "no."

Then I was told to wipe the surface of the heater. Was the towel wet?" I said "no".
Final I was asked to place a towel at the bottom of the water heater. I placed the towel on the ground up against the heater. "was it wet?" It was soaked, I said "yes. The technician said is leaking " from the bottom". I said it could be leaking 1/2 way up - but the technician was adamant that the heater was leaking from the bottom.

The technician said that. I would have to accept an appointment from a SEARS technician who would confirm that the water heater tank was leaking- a $79 service call. This visit was scheduled 5 days from my call. If the technician agreed that the tank was leaking he could arrange for a replacement - taking another 24-48 hours or more, if the unit was available. And this could be delivered and SEARS installed "for a fee".

The potential charge for shipping ad installation - that had to be SEARS installed in order for the replacement scheduled for sometime towards the end of the following week - if the unit was in stock. The phone technician said I should make arrangements for bathing at a neighbor's home and I could heat water on my cooking range for washing up between showers and for cooking. As I am a disabled US Army veteran it would be very difficult for me.

I called a local hardware store in my city, in Wisconsin - they had several 40 gallon water heaters (Made by Rheem) and I could have it that day. I cancelled the "technician towel inspection" and bought the Rheem. From the local hardware store. My son installed the water heater. It works beautifully. I would not recommend SEARS for any appliance purchase or for service to any appliance. It is no wonder the SEARS is essentially losing customers - and you can see why!

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