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We have a customer that decided on the tankless (2)
systems for their new home,3Baths, washer, dishwasher, kitchen sink, & laundry tank & 3 people. They bought (2) units, the 240 v36kw model # EEM24036 and the 240 v 27 KW model # EEM24027. The electrician told the homeowner they were making a mistake installing these systems as it was going to cost them more money monthly on their electric bill. Needless to say, the homeowner is very upset & confused. There is (2) 200 amp panels (400 Amps)
in the house. Could you please advise us on the electrical effiency, & any added cost the homeowner might have if these are installed. Are there any rebates for purchasing these units or tax breaks.
(Energy Star Ratings)
Any advise would be deeply appreciated, I think this might be the first time wiring this product for the electrician.

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