50 gallon Gas Water Heater Reviews

50 gallon gas water heater is one of the most selling sizes (capacity) of gas water heating units. The reason is that it meets a demand for hot water for the family size of four (an average number of household members), has the widest selection of models with the advanced features, and at the same time is economical to purchase and operate. The capacity of the 50 gallon water heater is usually enough for 1-2 bathroom homes.

Searching and selecting the right, affordable and good quality 50 gallon gas water heater is tough, since there are many brands where manufacturers are claiming to be the best. If you cannot find the appropriate size, 40 or 60 gallon capacity will also do the work for a nice, hot shower.

Unfortunately, there are not many reviews of different gas water heater brands, from professionals, like plumbers, gas technicians, that you can base your decision on. Actually, you have to search numerous forums to find them.

Ratings below are the result of our reviews of the main features, benefits and consumer reports. For our reference, we have used websites like Amazon, Sears, Home Depot, Lowes, Epinions, forums and other available tools to review the top selling Rheem, AO Smith, Bradford White, Kenmore, GE, Reliance and other brands.

Top Reviewed and Selling

Kenmore 50 Gal Review

Features Review

Kenmore PowerMiser 12 (33157) is the 50 gallon gas water heater that comes with the following features:kenmore powermiser 12 gas water heater 50 gallon

  • Decent energy efficiency while the EF of 0.62 does not meet the new Energy Star requirements (min. EF should be 0.67).

  • The first hour rating is high 88 gallons, the recovery rate is 40.9 GPH.

  • Tank and parts warranty is great 12 years.

  • Good tank capacity provides enough hot water for a family of 4.

  • Self cleaning Roto-Swirls, which includes specially designed dip tube, prevents mineral build-up and sediment deposits.

  • 2 inch thick foam insulation with the R factor of 16 helps maintain water temperature and reduce energy loss.
  • Two anode rods are used for better tank protection against corrosion, which allows Sears to provide longer warranty.

  • Kenmore 50 gallon gas water heater is a budget friendly unit.

Kenmore customer reviews


  • good insulation, saves money

  • less heat loss

  • easy installation

  • excellent recovery time

  • plenty of hot water

  • precise temperature control

  • wider than other 50 gallon tanks, hard to move

  • takes more space because of its size

  • heater problems with leaking

  • some parts went out after a year and a half

  • only one year of labor warranty

Average consumer rating is 4.3 of 5, based on over 30 reviews.

Kenmore PowerMiser 12 (33157) offers an amazing 12 year warranty on the tank and parts. 2" thick foam and energy efficient foam insulation (value of 16) made this unit Energy Star qualified (does not meet new Energy Star requirements). 40,000 Btu gas input and 88 gal. the first hour rating makes PowerMiser 12 perfect for mid-size homes. You can buy this 50 gallon gas water heater for $770 CAD exclusively through Sears and few online stores.

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Bradford White 50 gallon Review

Features Review

Bradford White M45036FBN-337 is factory built to use natural gas, 50 gallon gas tank and the following features:

  • Energy saver and FVIR compliant. It utilizes an ICON system with the enhanced performance, better temperature control and an intelligent diagnostics for easier troubleshooting.

  • Quality insulation (2 inch) and integral heat traps for reduced stand-by heat loss.

  • High energy factor, EF 0.62.

  • Advanced ScreenLok Technology Flame Arrestor design prevents flame from escaping outside the water heater.

  • Factory installed Hydrojet Total Performance System that prevents sediment build up and increases first hour delivery of hot water, which is 86.

  • Long lasting service life.

  • The resettable thermal switch allows simplified and easy service.

  • Built-in energy cutoff switch, prevents extreme hot water temperature.

  • Maintenance free.

  • Rebates available.

Bradford White user reviews


  • solid reputation among contractors

  • good customer and tech support

  • great safety features

  • Defender Safety System series drastically reduces carbon monoxide emissions, NOx and the chance of fire

  • energy efficient

  • very little maintenance

  • sight window to check the burner and pilot light operation

  • easy automatic control

  • can be purchased only through contractors

  • some complaints about warranty

  • leaking

  • minor problems with gas valve

Author's note: BW has a very solid reputation among contractors... where model Bradford White M45036FBN-337, with many great features available, durable and reliable operation is one of the best 50 gallon gas powered water heaters. Buy from Amazon.com

AO Smith Effex Review

Features Review

AO Smith Effex is the 50 gallon gas water heater that is using the pressurized combustion system for the high efficient water heating. Here are the top features:

  • High energy efficiency with the energy factor of 0.7.

  • Energy Star compliant.
  • Electronic control for more precise hot water temperature.

  • The LCD display allows convenient monitoring of the operation, temperature adjustment and diagnostics.

  • The Green Choice gas burner is the Eco friendly burner that produces 33% less NOx gases than the standard model.

  • FVIR compliant.

  • Electronic ignition - no standing pilot light.

  • Advanced powered anode rod does not deteriorate.

  • Diffuser dip tube helps in sediment reduction.

  • First hour rating is 81 GPH, recovery rate is 43 GPH.

Recommended online store to buy Effex... Amazon.

GE 50 gallon Review

Features Review

GE gas water heater, GG50T06PVT is the power vent unit that comes with the following features:

ge gas water heater 50-gallon powervent

  • First hour recovery is 87 gallons, recovery is 40.4 GPH.

  • Integrated self diagnostic control, good for troubleshooting.

  • SmartShield sensor system.

  • High efficiency and Energy Star compliant (EF is 0.67).

  • 42 000 BTU.
  • Electronic ignition.

  • Flexible installation with horizontal vent, up to 100 feet.
  • Self cleaning system against sediment build-up.

  • Quiet blower.
  • Low NOx burner reduces emissions.

  • Maintenance free.

  • 6 year warranty on water heater tank and replacement parts.

GE reviews

  • quick recovery

  • long lasting WH

  • easy to operate

  • fan is noisy

  • short warranty

  • weak energy factor, only 0.58

Average customer rating is 4 of 5.

Reliance 50 GORT Review

Features Review

Reliance 6 50 GORT 50 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater

Reliance 6 50 GORT comes with the following features:

  • 6 years warranty.

  • Sediment-reducing dip tube.

  • Eco-friendly gas burner, reduces NOx emissions by 33% over standard burners.

  • Pilot ignition.

  • C3 technology flammable vapor ignition resistant design.

  • Energy factor 0.59.

Reliance user reviews


  • works quickly

  • energy efficient

  • affordable unit

  • enough hot water for family of 4

  • recommended for smaller homes

  • reliable

  • leaks

  • water not hot enough

  • tough to install

  • low energy efficiency

Average customer rating is 3 of 5. The price: approx. $500. Buy it here.

Rheem 50 gallon Review

Features Review

Rheem 22VR50FN Ultra Low Nox Natural Gas Water Heater

Rheem 22VR50FN Ultra Low Nox - 50 gallon gas water heater features:

  • 6 years warranty on tank and parts.

  • Double protection with Guardian system, air/fuel shut-off device.

  • No filter to clean, great for maintenance.

  • Environment friendly, low NOx.

  • Self cleaning with EverKleen System.

  • High altitude compliant, up to 10,200 ft.

  • High efficiency and performance.

  • Low operating cost.

  • Energy factor 0.62.

Rheem Fury reviews


  • works quickly

  • energy efficient

  • enough hot water for family of 4

  • reliable

  • minor problems with water heater elements, like thermocouple

  • leaking issues

  • water not hot enough

  • expensive

What an amazing features for Rheem 22VR50FN Ultra Low Nox: first hour rating is 91 gallons per hour, environmentally friendly burner with the Ultra Low NOx design and high efficiency operation. This 50 gallon gas water heater is selling at Amazon.com for approximately $830.

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